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Dec 6, 2009
Dawn at Mirage

So on my last trip to Toronto, which was only a quick down for a day then back home the next morning, I found myself walking around the Eaton’s Center on a Saturday and I had the feeling come over me. The Cannon looked up at me, and in perfect Scottish, with that famous toothless grin said, “I’m feelin’ like its time for a little asian on the side, if you know what I mean.”

What do they say? I had a need for speed . . . err . . . or pussy, so I called my favourite watering hole . . . Mirage. Ravi recognized my voice right off the bat . . . yet again, and chimed in with “You just down for the day Tank??” How does this guy do that?? He’s like Radar on MASH (if any of you are old enough to know what the hell I am talking about!).

“Ravi, who is working this afternoon?” and the Cannon added in perfect Scottish “Early afternoon, Ravi, early afternoon.”

As he ran through a few names, I was disappointed (but not surprised) that Jemma (my ATF) and Remy weren’t working, but then he said the name that made the Cannon perk-up and take notice. “Dawn is working, Tank.”

“I am in!!” I said.

“So am I” said the Cannon.

Now, I have wanted to bed Dawn, that hot little tart, since I met her on the Mirage limo after the Christmas party. I mean, she and Jemma were kissing like there was no tomorrow, and I decided that, not only was she slim, cute and VERY hot, Jemma liked her. So here I was.

I arrived at the condo (very nice location as usual) within an hour and the door opened to reveal a beautiful, young Korean woman, who quickly engaged me in a warm hug and a few minutes of dfk. “Tank!!” she squealed with delight. I love it when the girls remember me. Her kissing was fantastic. Her lips were full and soft, and her body softly yielded to my embrace. I looked down to see a smokin’ body. She was slim, with beautiful white skin, tight slim legs, a firm nicely curved ass, and beautiful
b-cup breasts (large b-cups though).

Dawn and I chatted about the Christmas party and Jemma , and the conversation was natural and easy. After I put my coat away, she engaged me in more dfk that was delicious. I managed to slip away to the shower, and this beautiful doll laid on the bed and watched me through the doorway commending me on my fitness . . . what can I say, thetank has been working-out.

Dawn was raring to go as I emerged from the shower, and she quickly moved to more dfk and, as her hand played with the Cannon, she asked me what I liked. “Reverse cowgirl is my favourite position lately,” I admitted.

“Well,” she smiled devilishly. “I am going to have to get on that.” With that, she started some excellent bbbj. Her full soft lips felt amazing, and within moments I was moaning in pleasure. Her eye contact was awesome, as she batted at the Cannon with her tongue then took him whole in her mouth.

Within minutes I had to pry her off the Cannon because I didn’t want to release too early. She smiled as I moved into missionary. Missionary was well received and I pounded her tight pelvis with abandon. As my climax built, she moved into cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl . . . and she rode this horse for at least half a hour. What a fun ride that was!!

For the finish, I turned her over, lay on top of her, and mounted her from behind, pounding away with the Cannon while I held her breasts with one hand and her pussy with the other. On a side note, I also LOVE this position!! It took only minutes for my balls to release their load, while she tightened that delightful pelvis.

I was a very happy man. There’s nothing like the finish of a very good session.

After some more dfk, I slipped away into the shower. I checked the water temperature, moved the shower curtain, and as I stepped in . . . it happened. Dawn slapped my ass! She, while on stealth-mode, snuck into the bathroom quietly, and slapped my ass! Can you believe that?? Me . . . thetank!

I felt so used . . . so disrespected . . . so devalued . . . like a piece of meat . . . IT WAS AWESOME!!

With a giggle and a smile she retreated to the bedroom with, “That is a great ass you have there Tank!” What else could thetank do but tank on??

Body: 8.5 (Slim, tight build with beautiful b-cups, and a nicely shaved pussy)

Face: 8 (Beautiful face. I was wowed when I saw her. I know this is subjective, but I think she is beautiful.)

Service: 8.5 (GFE/PSE. Excellent DFK. Good BBBJ Fair DT (no CIM, but I didn’t ask). A no attitude girl with good energy and good technique.

Attitude: 10 (More than accommodating to requests and lots of fun to be around)

Regret: None (I am glad I booked her, and I will see her again.)

Repeat: Yes

Beenthere123 said:
Hey Tank you are still in town?, beer time bud. Outstanding review of a babe I had a frieken good time with as well.

Drinks for sure, my friend. This last visit was only one day and included my SO. Seeing "the guys" was impossible . . . but next time . . .

thetank said:
as I stepped in . . . it happened. Dawn slapped my ass! She, while on stealth-mode, snuck into the bathroom quietly, and slapped my ass! Can you believe that?? Me . . . thetank!

I felt so used . . . so disrespected . . . so devalued . . . like a piece of meat . . . IT WAS AWESOME!!

Everyone's a sex object to me... bodies are meant for the disrespecting ;)
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