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IN-Call Dominique at Roommates - TOFTT

What A Wookie

Dec 21, 2009
I had made an appointment at Roommates Saturday but due to unforeseen circumstances, the girl I had requested had to cancel. I was presented with a list of options on the phone and decided to see Dominique, a girl new to the business. It was her first day at Roommates and I was to be her first client ever. I guess this qualifies as TOFTT but I’ve had a very high success rate at Roommates, so I wasn’t concerned after getting Sara’s recommendation.

Dominique is young girl with a cute face, short blond hair and a pretty smile that she wore for the majority of our time together. She’s about 5’ – 07” in height and has a natural medium build with pert A cups. Dominique has a few tattoos, noticeably a symmetrical pattern on her clavicle and another on the small of her back. The tattoos aren’t very large, so unless you have a complete aversion to them there shouldn’t be a problem. She had a GND vibe and attitude but with a look that was a little edgier.

She told me she was a little nervous but it certainly didn’t show. Things started with nice DFK and exploratory caresses before graduating to an extensive round of quality BBBJ with BLS, which lead to the first SOG. After a quick clean up, we were back on the bed for more DFK and heavy petting.

Her wandering hands eventually found their way to my nethers and I was inspired back into action. We started with some sweet 69 before moving on to FS, where the most memorable part was Dominique riding me very rigorously and intensely in CG. I asked her to finish me off with some more BBBJ, to which she happily complied.

Overall, I was very happy with Dominique and I will see her again in the future if the oppourtunity presents itself. Her service was enthusiastic, eager and focused on keeping her client happy.
Senor Gomes said:
Thanks Wookie cannot wait to find out what other services she provides besides the once you mentioned.

Come on Gomes spit it out, you becoming to civilized lately. You want to know if she does Greek, correct?.
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