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Sassy Angels Duo with Sophie and Mia from Sassy Angels


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Nov 10, 2009
In early Sept I decided to break the bank and have my first duo. I chose Mia, the Sassy's legend that is now in B.C., and Sophie a new star that pretty much stole the show as far as I was concerned. For those in T.O. curious about Sophie, this review may help:

I have just got back from my duo with Mia and Sophie from Sassy' first duo ever and man am I glad I took the plunge! I had seen Mia before and knew how hot she was and after looking at reviews and consulting with guys like Sentry and Chuck....I decided on this duo...Thanks guys for your advice.

So I go to the downtown location and open the door, I am greeted by the always sexy as hell Mia and the alluring Sophie. It had been 2 years since Mia and I hooked up last and her body is as smoking as ever. I was also really pleasantly surprised by Sophie. Tall girl, with a very attractive face I thought and the most seductive, glowing blue eyes that I will remember for a very long time. Went for a quick shower and when I came back they were both hanging out on the bed minus their clothes. The actions started and I was in BBBJ heaven, with both of them making me steel hard with their tongues and mouths at the same time. Sophie's BBBJ is incredible....with lots of DT and she stays down there for a long time throat fucking me.meanwhile I am making out with Mia. Then Mia sits on my face for a bit and I eat her gorgeous, delectable pussy for a while. Then they switch positions and Mia starts slurping on my junior while Sophie comes and tests out my DATY. Just like Mia's hers is bald and beautiful and tastes awesome. I am enjoying eating her while Mia does a great BBBJ. Mia is ready to step up the action now and slips on a cover. We start with her in CG and at the same time the devilish angel Sophie is lick and sucking on my balls. What a great feeling! Then its her turn and I take Sophie in doggie, she feels great and I am getting close to eruption time. I keep pounding away until I know the SOG is going to happen....they both open their mouths wide and tounges out for a fantastic and unforgettables CIM finish, Sophie getting it first and then Mia, then they make out and continue to lick me clean. I was over the moon and so satisfied. We took some time to talk....Mia is likely leaving very soon and trying a new city for a while so I suggest if you haven't seen her call and book her before its too late. Sophie is a really fun and easy going girl and she is DYNAMITE in the bedroom. The view of her gorgeous eyes looking at me got me hard instantly and she went down for more superb BBBJ...I would have to say hers is up there with any SP in the city. Mia came to join as they took turns back and forth. I was hard, but I could tell that today it would be a tall order to get SOG jr. was numb from all of the action earlier and it would take too long...but Sophie and Mia valiantly tried with BBBJ and BLS. Times like this I wish I had more $$$ for another hour but truth is I was already so satisfied it didn't matter. I was treated to a visual and physical treat that I won't ever forget. We hung out a bit more and then it was time to go...having sampled the life of Hugh Hefner for an hour...I'm telling you I think I had a tear in my eye! Off I go and what more can I say these 2 superstars are a must see and have opened up a pandora's box of duos for me!
Re: Duo with Sophie and Mia from Sassy Angels

Hey Hugh Hefner, awesome review. Never saw Mia but can understand when you say Sophia stole the show. She is amazing.

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