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IN-Call Effie White - A legend worthy of the Reputation


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I first saw Effie 3 years ago and I recently met up for another encounter. She is as good as you can get. Her aim is to please and she delivers a great service which includes a mind-blowing BBBJ. Not only is she an absolutely beautiful blonde spinner but is also very articulate and obviously very intelligent.

Everything about her is top-notched. She has definitely earned the legend reputation. The only sad news is that it looks as though she will be retiring in July and move on to another career which I know she will be very successful. Anyone who hasn't seen her I urge to make the effort before she leaves. Once she is gone she will definitely be missed. Thank you Effie for such a great time. Recommended? Silly question.


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jaytotee said:
Wow, I kinda suspected that someone as intelligent and grounded as her will eventually leave the industry sooner rather than later. Effie, if you are reading this, even though I have not met you (and I am still hoping I would have the chance), I wish you well.

She left RM or gone Indy again?.

J Strummer

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Thanks for sharing luton. :good:

I've been wanting to meet Effie for the longest time. Stars (aka schedules) haven't aligned yet. But now that I know that she will be retiring soon... I have to make things happen... and SOON! :praying:
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