Made with Love

Elaborate tricks John Edwards used to keep his affair secret

Learn to Hobby do not have an affair

Did it right : Get a cell phone and use it exclusively for your affair
Wrong: His wife discovered it ringing one night in his bag, answered it, and heard Hunter launch into a "romantic monologue."

Did it right : Used his calling plan's enhanced features. When Edwards didn't have the Batphone, Young set up three-way conference calls and had both Edwards and Hunter dial-in. That way there would be no record of the call when Elizabeth would check Edwards' call log, as she routinely did.

Did it right: Used separate doors.

Did it right: Used cash.

Did it right: Funneled money.

Did it right: Destroyed all evidence.

Did it right: Don't canoodle in front of aides.

Did it right: Choose a discreet lover.
Wrong: She dressed in bright colors, talked loudly, and flirted constantly. She spoke to "close friends" about their affair, but trusted them because of their "spiritual connection." She recounted their sexual exploits to Young and his wife.

Did it right: Maintain plausible deniability. Never say I miss you always correct or me too.

Did it right: Don't sign any cards you send to the new mother of your child.

Did it right: Wear a condom. Hunter told him she couldn't get pregnant.
WRONG: You know the rest.
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