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IN-Call elassowipo's review dump Part 1 - Mirage - Daphne, Remy


Mar 11, 2010

I saw Daphne a few months back so this a bit of a catchup review. She had been on my TDL since she worked at Cindy's/4Play but for reasons unknown I took me an inordinate amount of time to go see her. She's probably one of the most consistent SPs in Toronto with respect to service, so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect going in and did not hesitate to book a multi-hour appointment on the first meeting. She is clearly a very attractive young lady and has a very nice, slim, tanned body as her pictures suggest. Daphne is very friendly and easy to converse with. She also seems to have a seductive vibe which I found quite alluring. Service wise she is very open minded (as per her profile) and I got the impression that she was very much focused on ensuring that I had an enjoyable time. FS was very energetic and Daphne did a job of matching her rhythm to my own. Her BBBJCIM finish was clearly the highlight of the session. Overall I had a very good experience with Daphne and her reputation as a local legend is justified.


Face: 8.6/10

Very attractive and young looking. Listed age seems accurate. I can see how some would suspect that she is part Asian (even though she's not).

Body: 8.8/10

Thin, very slim, and tanned body. A few small tats. Pictures are accurate.

Service/Attitude: 9.5/10

A true professional. Very customer service oriented and makes sure you have a good time. Seems very consistent and as close to a "sure thing" as you can get. GFE/PSE service. Listed menu on her profile is accurate.


I had some time to kill this afternoon, so I decided to give Mirage a call. Remy was available and I recall that her sample pics looked quite enticing so I decided to go for it. I've been seeing way too many blondes lately so this was a nice change of pace, LOL. I arrived at the location and Remy greeted me with a warm hug and kiss. She showed me to the room and took my jacket. Following my shower, I returned to the bedroom to find Remy waiting for me on the bed in a set of orange bra and panties. I was quite impressed at the sight as the bright lingerie contrasted nicely with her dark hair, tanned skin, and accentuated her ample curves. I relaxed next to her and almost immediately we began with a good round of DFK. She then hovered over me and asked me to give her some DATO before shifting downwards to start BLS and BBBJ. I neglected to perform DATY but I'm quite certain its on the menu. She has very good BBBJ technique and I very much enjoyed it; the right amount of tongue movement, pressure, and speed that I prefer. The sight of her looking up into my eyes during the BJ with her round ass sticking up in the air was one of the lasting images from the session. After a lengthy BBBJ, I put on a cover and we proceeded to FS. She was very responsive and engaged during the action, definitely not a dead fish. After switching through a few positions I finally went back to doggy so that I could get a good look at that round ass and went hard and fast before finishing round one. We rested up and chatted for a bit before engaging in round two, which was very similar to round one. I cleaned up, got dressed, hugged and kissed her goodbye and then I was on my merry way.


Face: 7.5/10

Quite cute facially. Clear complexion. I'm guessing she's in her late 20's so listed age is more or less accurate.

Body: 8.25/10

Medium build with some nice curves. Natural c-cups looked and felt great. Pics are accurate. Listed stats are accurate.

Service/Attitude: 9/10

Full GFE menu. Friendly personality and good to chat with. New to Mirage but not to the biz. Good enthusiasm throughout the session and made an effort to ensure I had a good time. Engaged and responsive during the act. Overall I had a very satisfying experience and would recommend to others. Would possibly repeat.
elassowipo1 said:
Thanks for the welcome Wilsonjso, I just discovered this board today. Working on transferring some of my more recent reviews over here.


Piece of advice Wipo do not do them all at once you will get more replies and members will enjoy it more if you do 1 or 2 daily.
forestgrumpy said:
Thanks for both reviews Elassowipo (BTW what does your handle stand for). Must see Daphne again my first time with her was so so but others like you think she is great.

El Asso Wipo was minor recurring character (mexican wrestler) on the sketch comedy show Mad TV
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