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IN-Call elassowipo's review dump Part 4 - MGF


Mar 11, 2010

I have an addiction to the mademoiselle de La Belle Provence, so I decided to take a chance with Occeane. This was my first time dealing with this agency and booking via email was prompt and efficient.

When I arrived at her hotel room, I was instantly impressed. Occeane is facially very attractive and has slim tight body. After exchanging pleasantries and a quick shower I joined her in the bedroom where we started off with some LFK/DFK. She then proceeded to give me oral, she has excellent technique and her mouth was soft as velvet. We then proceeded to a lengthly round of FS through various positions. There was good eye contact throughout and she was fairly active and responsive. After we finsihed we then spent the rest of the session chatting, she has a very outgoing personality and was engaging to speak with despite her somewhat limited English.


I'm not one to write overly exuberant reviews but I was genuinely very impressed with my session with Occeane. I saw her yesterday but I'm still feeling the high.

Face: 8.8/10

Very hot facially. Pictures are accurate but I thought she looked much better in person. Listed age appears accurate.

Body: 9/10

Slim, tanned body. Long legs, nicely shaped breasts. Pictures are accurate. I prefer the ladies with the slender build so she gets high marks from me.

Service/Attitude: 10/10

Standard GFE menu (no CIM or greek). Extremely friendly and bubbly personality. A pleasure to be around, her positive attitude was really refreshing. Seemed to be genuinely interested in my pleasure and enjoyment. English somewhat limited but makes a good effort. A guaranteed repeat from me. She may return to Toronto if she has a good experience here, so be nice gents.


Decided to treat myself with some much needed after-work relaxation today with Marilyne, another Montreal import. Got to the downtown hotel room and was greeted by a petite busty blonde lady. Exchanged hellos, took care of business, and took the obligatory shower. Relaxed on bed next to her and began with some LFK/DFK. She then started a long and very sensuous BBBJ; great technique with good pacing and excellent use of tongue. Switched to FS going through MPOS. Good responsiveness during the act, not too quiet but not over the top either. Finished round one with an excellent BBBJCIM.

We then cleaned up and chatted for a while. She has a fun personality and a positive attitude. Lots of laughter during our conversation. I was soon ready for round two and she started off with a titjob/bbbj. Then switch through mish, CG, doggy, standing doggy, before finishing with another BBBJCIM.

Relaxed/chatted for a while and then attempted round three with only a few minutes left, but unfortunately didn`t have enough time to finish (I admit I got a bit too greedy, LOL). Showered, kissed her goodbye and I was on my way.


Face: 8/10

Good looking facially. Pics are accurate. Listed age seems accurate.

Body: 8/10

Petite lady, height is closer to 5' 3'' rather than the listed 5' 6''. Slim-medium build, nice curves. Pictures are accurate. Enhanced D-cups. Two small tattoos. Has one scar from recent surgery but it didn't bother me.

Service/Attitude: 9.25/10

Fun loving and positive attitude, always smiling. Eager to please and doesn't hesitate to initiate action. Speaks good English. Fulfilled all my requests. GFE/PSE menu. Overall I had a very satisfying session. Marilyne is a good choice if you are looking for an petite busty blonde with a fairly open menu.


I've seen all the blondes this agency has sent to Toronto thus far so it was only natural that I booked Meghan as well. Her pictures always give me instant wood so I decided to book for 2 hours, lol. I arrived at her hotel room and she looked exactly has I had pictured her; petite girl with short bleached blonde hair, cute face, and of course a huge set of boobs. She has very good English and was interesting to speak with so we chatted for probably 20-25 min before I hit the shower. When I came out she was nude and waiting for me on the bed. The white sheets were a perfect canvas for her smoking body. I lay down beside her and went in for some DFK. After a few kisses she asked to stop because she had accidentally cut her mouth earlier and it was causing some pain, bummer. She then shifted over and gave me some BLS and BBBJ, technique wasn't bad. I really wanted to get inside that hot body of hers so I asked her to stop and hand me a cover. We switched through a few positions and it wasn't long before I had my SOG as she was very tight inside. During FS she was quite responsive with alot of eye contact, caressing, and a bit of dirty talk. After chatting for a bit we moved on to round 2. Unfortunately we had to stop midway through because she was feeling some soreness/pain. I didn't like stopping in the middle of the action but there wasn't much I could do in this case. I asked her to finish me with a BBBJ but she declined because of her mouth injury. She offered to finish me with HJ instead but that doesn't do much for me so we just talked until the end of the session. I went into the shower, got dressed, and then said my goodbye.


Face: 7.6/10

Cute facially. Short blonde hair. A bit older than I expected, she's in her late 20's.

Body: 9/10

Very hot body. Listed stats seem accurate. Huge breasts relative to her body size, nicely shaped and felt pretty good to the touch for implants. Slim waist and a bit of a bubble butt give her an hourglass figure. Tanned and very soft skin. Piercings at eyebrow and naval. Tattoos on arm/shoulder and at naval.

Service/Attitude: 7/10

Friendly and good conversation. Excellent English. Had to deduct a few points here for some of the restrictions. As for her rationale for reduced services, I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt as her feedback from others has been pretty good and my past experience with this agency has been excellent. I get the feeling that if had seen her on a different day or time my experience would have been much better and that I was an unwitting subject of Murphy's Law that evening.


I have a preference for the young petite blonde types so I decided to book a session with Kim when I heard that she had arrived in our fair city. I arrived at the downtown location and was greeted by Kim, who was dressed rather nicely in a tight black dress. From her pictures I knew what to expect going in but I thought she looked better in person, overall I was quite pleased with her appearance. After the obligatory shower, I joined Kim on the bed and we chatted for a bit while she gave me a light massage. Her English vocabulary is a bit limited but she makes a good effort to communicate. Personality wise she is a bit more shy and relaxed and I think she is relatively new to the biz compared to the other girls I've seen from this agency. I then turned over and we started with some LFK leading into a HJ/BBBJ. I would have preferred pure BJ but I was rather relaxed and went with the flow. After a few minutes we switched to FS through MPOS, with the highlight being doggy. She was quietly responsive and made a lot of eye contact throughout, which I liked. we cuddles and chatted for a bit before I indulged for a second round which was similar to the first. After the action, I hopped back into the shower, said goodbye and was on my way.


Face: 8.4/10

Very cute facially. Pics are accurate but I thought she was better looking in person. Really youthful appearance and listed age seems accurate. Nice blue eyes and light blonde hair.

Body: 8.6/10

Slim-medium build, just the right amount of curves. Nicly shaped breasts. Smooth skin. She is a really young gal and it shows. Pics are accurate but she now is a bit more tanned. Stats and measurements seem accurate. Excellent hygeine.

Service/Attitude: 8/10

Standard GFE menu, only LFK though. Friendly, if a bit shy and reserved but seemed to warm up a lot as she gets to know you. English vocabulary a bit limited but she tries hard. Seemed willing to please and positive attitude. She is very young and I suspect she is somewhat new to this and will likely improve with time. Overall I was satisfied with my experience and would likely repeat in the future.


Christine appeared to be the prototypical slim young blonde that I prefer so I decided to pay her a visit. Booking was easy with the agency via email as usual. I had accidentally gone to the wrong hotel (didn't know that hotel chain had multiple locations around airport). Good thing the first room on knocked on was empty, LOL. This caused me to be 30 min late for my appointment but the agency was very accommodating. Once I arrived at the location, Christine greeted me in a tight red dress and white heels, very hot. We said a few words before I jumped in for a shower. I came out and Christine was waiting for me on the bed wearing a set of white lingerie. She has the long, slim, and tanned body type that i like so I was quite happy with what I saw. I lay down beside her and we began with some LFK/DFK. She then positioned herself between my legs and began a very good BBBJ. Probably one of the better ones I've had lately, great use of tongue, good pacing and right amount of pressure, eye contact and some attempted deepthroat. I then put on the cover and we did FS through a few positions (doggy, mish, CG, etc.). She is quietly responsive during FS (soft moaning, clenching of my arms and sheets, eye contact). Noticed that she was also rubbing her clit much of the time; didn't partake in DATY but I suspect she would be quite responsive to it given this observation. We then finished round one with another great BBBJ (no CIM).

During the downtime we took the opportunity to chat for a bit. Her personality is on the shy and quiet side and she seemed like a genuinely sweet girl. She's a young (but experienced) SP but didn't seem jaded and seemed to have a positive attitude. Once I was ready we started round two which was similar to round one, although much of it was in doggystyle as I really liked the shape of her perfectly round ass, LOL. After we finished she asked if I wanted to join her in the shower (of course I said yes). We cleaned up, got dressed, kissed goodbye and I was on my way.


Face: 7.6/10

Cute GND look. Pics are accurate (they show her face). Complexion not 100% clear. A bit of personal preference at play here, others may rate her higher. Looks young and stated age appears accurate.

Body: 9/10

Slim, slender, tanned body. Nicely shaped ass. Pics are accurate. A bit taller than listed, I think she is closer to 5' 6". Other stats are accurate. Piercing at naval. Tattoo at lower back. Pretty much my preference body wise, reminds me of Daphne @ Mirage to use a comparison.

Service/Attitude: 8.5/10

Standard GFE menu. A bit on the shy and quiet side so you may want to take the lead; she follows direction very well. Seemed like a sweet and friendly girl, positive attitude and demeanor. I got the impression that she genuinely enjoyed my company and seemed willing to please. Overall I was quite satisfied with this encounter. Would probably repeat.


After hearing that Sabrina was coming to T.O., I decided to book her in advance since her pics looked too hot to pass up. I arrived at her downtown hotel room and she greeted me wearing a short black dress and heels, just like in her pics. I took a quick shower and joined her on the bed while we chatted for a few minutes. Sabrina is new to the escort biz (used to be a stripper) but she seemed very comfortable in her new role and was pleasant to converse with (good English).

We then shifted to some slow and sensuous LFK/DFK and then she shifted down and started BBBJ. Her oral technique was fairly good, very soft lips and mouth. I've been checking out her hot body the whole time and was getting eager to get inside her so I put on the cover and we started FS. We started in mish with some intermittent DFK. I found her quite responsive during sex, some moaning, eye contact, wrapping her legs around me, all very nice. I'm not sure if it was the way she was moving her hips or her natural tightness (perhaps both) but it took some willpower to prevent myself from blowing my load too quickly, LOL. I wanted to get a different view and check out her nice ass to we swtiched to doggy. As I quickened the pace, she became more vocal, I couldn't take it anymore and round 1 was over. We relaxed and chatted again for a while before starting round 2, pretty much the same as round 1. I took another shower, got dressed, took care of business, and kissed her goodbye. I walked away from the room a very satisfied man


Face: 8.9/10

Good looking facially. Pics are accurate. Has a sultry look to her. Age wise i'm guessing mid-20's.

Body: 9.5/10

Slim, toned, and tanned. Extremely smooth skin. Pics are accurate. Small tattoo. Great breasts, natural C-cups. It's somewhat hard to find girls that are both slim/toned and who also have good sized natural breasts, so I have to give her high marks here.

Service/Attitude: 9.5/10

Full GFE menu. Very friendly and nice to have conversation with, she has good English. Very positive attitude and met all my requests. I was very satisfied with my session and it exceeded my expectations. In terms of looks + service, she's the best I've seen from this agency. A guaranteed repeat for me.


I saw Emma on the agency's touring schedule and her pics looked pretty hot so I decided to give her a try. Booking was via email with this agency as usual. I arrived at Emma's downtown hotel room and I greeted her with a hug and double cheek kiss (as I do with all french girls, lol). She was wearing a short bustier and matching panty set which I was quite sexy and showed off her assets very well. She has a tall and lean body with long legs as the pics suggest. Her tits were a bit bigger than I expected (always a good thing). The combination of her accent and overall looks reminded me of a euro porn star for some reason.

We took care of business and I went for a quick shower. I came out and joined her on the bed where she was waiting. We immediately started off with some LFK and caressing while I removed her top as really wanted to get my hands on those tits. Was offered a BBBJ to start but I really wanted to fuck her right away so I put on the cover instead and mounted her in mish. She seemed to be fairly responsive during sex, moving her hips to match my stroke. As I started going faster and harder she offered encouragement by calling out my name and telling me to fuck her harder. She then asks me to give it to her in the ass, which caught me by surprise. Of course I was more than happy to oblige her request. We switched over to the side, a few other positions, and then to doggy where I could get a good look at her nice ass. I asked if I could finish with CIM but that was a no go so I continued hard in doggy as I grabbed onto her hair while I spanked her ass, and it wasn't before long that I finished. At this point there were less than 15 min left in the session so we just chatted for a bit before I got dressed and bid her a good evening.


Face: 8.5/10

Attractive facially. Great lips and teeth. Actually has blue eyes (profile says brown). Close to stated age (slightly older).

Body: 9/10

Slim body and great long legs. Pictures are accurate. Smooth tanned skin. Height/weight seem accurate. Breasts seem closer to D-cup, enhanced (profile says natural). Just the right amount of curves in the ass/hips. One piercing and two very small tattoos.

Service/Attitude: 9.3/10

Seemed to have good chemistry with her and overall vibe was very good. Positive attitude and good enthusiasm. She has good English. Wins extra points from me for the unexpected offer of greek (gratis). Only thing missing was DFK. Overall I was very satisfied. Would repeat.
hdoone said:
Based on the pictures I'd choose only Sabrina :he:
You if ever met Oceanne in person, your jaw would hit the floor, and your tongue would be wiping up your drool.

Oceanne is the hottest blonde SP I've ever seen. Hotter than Jade, Rorie, Abby, Billie, Jessie (Mirage), Raya etc. (Never seen Cory though).
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