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Erotic Harmony - Review


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Mar 27, 2010
So I was chatting with a fellow pooner friend about blonds (What else? :razz:) and he suggested that I take a look at and I did, and I instantly decided that I just had to try Harmony when she came to Vancouver next. Fast forward to last week when I checked her website calendar and noticed that she would be in Vancouver this week. I immediately sent off an email to the address on her site and got a response back within 10 minutes. We eventually settled for a time on Monday night and I started to get excited about my next blond adventure!

I arrived at Harmony’s downtown Vancouver upscale hotel incall and as per Harmonies instructions called her when I arrived. A very friendly and feminine female voice answered and soon she laid the route out to get to her room. I knocked on her door with butterflies in my stomach and soon the door slowly opened to reveal a absolutely stunning face surrounded by platinum blond streaks of sunshine cascading downwards to just below her shoulder line. I stepped inside and Harmony escorted me to the bedroom where I got comfortable on the bed while taking a good look at my new friend. gives “A pleasing combination of elements in a whole” as the definition of Harmony, and let me assure you this is not false advertising with this girl! I immediately noticed her hazel eyes perfectly highlighted by just enough makeup on her face to make me think I was with a model at a professional photo shoot. Harmony had a bit of height to her thanks to her great legs. Soon we were both on the bed semi-clothed just chatting and talking like old friends. I immediately felt comfortable with her, we seemed to “click” instantly. Soon Harmony asked me if I was ready to have some fun, and with a enthusiastic yes I immediately got off the bed and completely disrobed while watching Harmony shed her pinkish lacy bra and matching panties and then I got on the bed with her lying beside me.

She started to straddle me with a devilish look in her eyes and came down to meet me with open lips and we started to LFK while the Banana woke up and started to come to attention while Harmony slid her mouth from my lips down my neck slowly all the way to my left nipple where she playfully bit and licked it then she moved to the right one where she did the same, all while I was eagerly watching from my perch upon my pillow. Watching her sucking and lightly biting and licking my nipples was a huge turn on, and soon she slid even further down only stopping to grab a bottle of cherry flavored lube on her way down to meet the Banana. After a few squirts of the lube Harmony devoured the Banana in what was one of the better BBBJ’s I’ve ever had. I turned my head to the left to observe her in the full length mirror and I almost thought that I was the guy in the porno with my blond! Soon I heard a faint “Wanna 69?” and with a resounding yes she switched positions while applying more flavored lube to her and me. She then slid into position and I started to DATY her with unbridled passion while enjoying the feeling of her working my shaft like a pro down below. I held her upon myself just dining away until I noticed that her moans were taking her mouth off of my Banana, so I suggested that she grab a cover.

She slid off and grabbed a cover and quickly opened the package and applied it and after more lube she straddled the mighty Banana and impaled herself upon its length and started to go at it Cowgirl with me watching her both in front of me and to the side in the mirror. Her D’s were bouncing back and forth with each thrust and this visual was almost enough to make me pop but I held on and we kept at it for a short while just enjoying the perfect fit. “I want it like this” “Huh?” “Come here big boy, your mine now!” and soon I was sliding inside her Doggy style with a mischievous grin upon my face while entranced watching and fondling her perfect ass. Gazing down upon the activities was great, and watching us go at it in the mirror on the wall was a huge turn on as well. Bodies crashing into each other the bed started to shake a tad but we both kept it up with more stamina than before at a much more rapid rate. We continued on for a while until it was my turn to choose a new position. “On your back” “Missionary?” “Oh yea!” and she flipped over, spread herself and I inserted the Banana quick as a wink while watching us in the mirror. I’m getting little shivers when I remember that visual of us, her underneath me with both legs high in the air and both arms stretched out above her head while smiling and moaning appreciatively. Soon one of her hands shot to my back and she started to softly scratch my back in a playful way and this just shot me into overdrive and soon we switched back to Cowgirl for a minute with her on top and me just enjoying the view while semi-captivated in my heightened state. Harmony leaned over towards me and we started to kiss passionately as I was at the point of no-return and this all lead to the thunderous eruption while we both had locked eyes upon each other. She slowed down, trying to milk every last drop out of the Banana and slid off the bed to get some baby wipes to clean me up.

Once Harmony had cleaned me up she did the same to herself, and then we both lied down on the queen size bed and chatted about various topics for a while. I do consider the “conversation” aspect of this hobby important, and Harmony nailed this perfectly. We talked for a while and then I got up and got dressed slowly while still watching my personal playmate lie naked on the bed. I finished dressing and Harmony put on a robe and walked me to the door where we shared a final parting kiss and I left to go down the elevator to the street level to walk to my truck with a large smile on my face and a new website calendar page to check once in a while!

Repeat: Defiantly yes!
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Rate Information: $300 for the hour
anonanon said:
Harmony leaned over towards me and we started to kiss passionately as I was at the point of no-return and this all lead to the thunderous eruption while we both had locked eyes upon each other. She slowed down, trying to milk every last drop out of the Banana

Eye contact while you're squirtying out your spunk can add to the overall intensity, IE with her mouth open to take a big hot load. :)
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