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IN-Call Eva @ RM



Booked a popular independent SP been wanted to see for a long time over the weekend to be her first appointment today. The dreaded phone call came at 10:15 am while I was driving her honesty shook me saying her period was a day or 2 away and did not want to take a chance. Wow that is a first for me but shows her class. I won't name her for obvious reasons, so who do I call in short notice....hmmmm, yup RM to the rescue. Called Nikki to give me her first girl available and luck has it that Eva a Ukraine babe was on her fist day (She did work for RM before).

So not sure what to expect I go with my hope for the best face. She opens the door wearing a red high school style mini mini mini skirt with a sexy red bra to match. I was not disappointed, cute attractive babe in her mid 20's petite frame, 34 b cub breasts with a hard like a rock ass. For ass men lovers you would not be disappointed. Chit chat a little and her EE accent makes me drool, mandatory shower and she waits for me by the edge of the bed.

LFK led to DFK, at one point I held her head and kissed her like lovers do in the movies. She likes to kiss and play with your ears, face, chest all the way down to visit JR. Her BBBJ was exceptional, she knows what she is doing. Took him deep many times while playing and licking JR's head. Then it was no hands BJ/many 1sec. DT that lasted a good 15-20 minutes with great eye contact just like i like it. Loved it when with each stroke her body and ass would follow suit.

My turn to show her my game, perfectly shaven and super receptive, wet within 5 minutes. She is super tight and only one finger goes in but its enough to hear her soft moans. It was heaven picking her ass from the bed with my tongue still inside he Wow what an ass. The sock came on she wanted to put lube on and I yelled please NO I want to feel how tight your pussy will feel when I enter you, she smiled and obliged. Frieken amazing I slowly started inch my inch with teasing motions did my usual fucking with her legs closed and that did it for her. Her favorite position is cow girl so told her to ride me as hard as she can. in the beginning she did it slow then faster asked me if she was hurting me. Hell no I said, that is when whe went wild and made me blow.

We both laid down exhausted for a few minutes, then took my shower. When I came out she said if I wanted to do it again OMG no babe I am a one day wonder she then added if she could try. WTF this babe is nuts. I mentioned we only have 10 minutes left she said that is fine I can blow you again or give you a massage. I had to laugh she just likes to please. Tipped her and back to work, a definite repeat.
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