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Excuse me for smiling at the kid's reaction after he got slapped.


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Jul 7, 2012
Don't blame me for being normal.

Teacher arrested after shocking video shows her 'repeatedly slapping child on head before mocking his crying'

A teacher has been arrested after footage emerged online appearing to show her viciously beating a pupil in her class.
Mary Hastings, a teacher at Ozen High School in Beaumont, Texas appears to strike the cowering pupil five times while shouting at him, seeming to call him an "idiot ass".
It is still unclear what led to the incident but Hastings then appears to mock the boys cries after having beaten him.
The 63-year-old maths teacher was arrested on one charge of assault and released on bail, according to local police.

The school district said it placed her on administrative leave.
The nine-second video posted on Twitter was quickly shared and viewed widely online.

A fellow pupil at the school who claimed to be in the class to witness the incident told : "She was a cool teacher.
"She wasn't always bad but like when was ready to teach us for us to learn, she got serious. She was always a laid back teacher and cool with the kids."
Atyra Deroune said she was still in shock over the altercation and claimed it had come about over a dispute about assignment grading.
Ozen High School has 5,332 students on roll between the ages of 14-18.

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