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billy bee

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Feb 8, 2010
Had the most amazing time with this lady, phoenix. I don't usually post just review but I think this is post worthy. Great bbbj and gfe. A real lusty time did I have. 100 got me a full unrushed hh and her little cat costume was hot hot. I almost didn't make the finalle her bbbj was skilled to extreme. she is even more sexy than her pics on cl.
Unlike billy bee I was charged 120 for the menu of services. Pheonix goes for LFK, DFK, DIGITS, DATY, BBBJ, MPOS, SOG (HH). Anything I missed here horndogs? Some say they have trouble booking. Only on one occasion did I have to make more than one attempt to speak with her to arrange a booking. Once I had to accept a booking for a different day than the day I phoned. She only books a limited number per day that she works. Good luck and have a great time she really is a special treat.
Thanks JG...I'm guessing that her full hour would be about 160-180 mark? She looks quite yummy and would make the trip to Barrie quite memorable.

Thanks Guys and maybe I'll bring her a bag of Lays :p
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