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Demien2k5 said:
Wow! Am I that public in my kinky deviant escapades! I feel so transparent! :lol: Yeah, the list would be Becky @ Mirage, Amanda@Mirage, Sophie@Sassy and Sofia@Mirage (and Mia@Sassy when she's in town from BC) There are a couple more who are very very good too, but not quite at the same level of pure PSE intensity as those five incredible ladies. If I'd never seen another PSE besides them, I could definitely die happy. I would share that I am trying to defile and convert Jemma to the dark side as well, but I'm afraid of being beaten up and left to die by Heatwaves76! :cool:

Agree 100%. Another sp I'd add to the list is esmeralda @ sassy's. Few girls can take an anal invasion like this girl.
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