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She met me at the door with a kiss and asked, "Did you bring the mask?" ...
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"Let me show you", I whispered as we made straight for the bedroom, where I reached into my bag and pulled out a ...
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neverenoughsex said:
Remove your dress real slow while I have my drink
She smiled as she turned around, slowly slipping a strap past one shoulder before letting the entire dress fall to a heap at her feet. Climbing onto the bed, she shot me a daring glance as she beckoned me forward with a crooked finger. I approached with a mischievous grin, reached into the box and pulled out the warmup for tonight: the Sybian.
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Her eyes lit up staring at this magnificent machine and moved her body towards it but I pushed it away. You have not earned it yet, get on your knees and...
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Told her do not say a word took ice from freezer placed it her into her body while laying down. Told her how she would like me to place the thing...
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