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Five fitness tips that could prevent poor health in old age


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May 11, 2014

Good tips to use. Humans are meant to move, work, any type of sedentary lifestyle will put anyone in bad health at any age. What you eat is also key. Avoid sugar, processed foods, ugh... if only I could take my own advice, lol. I'm pickled from all the sugar I eat. But I do exercise a couple times a week or so, usually with a nice mature gentleman:wink2:
For me, sleeping early works.
I've been reading about it, and it seems like the early sleep gets metabolism faster and the same 8 hours slept from 10 pm to 6 am are waay more efficient than 2 am to 10 am. (And than 2 am to 6 am :)

It almost feels like lazy fitness, because it
1) Rushes metabolism
2) Makes night sleep body maintenance more effective
3) More energy -> more wish to be active -> less with to overeat
4) Les eating in general - I mean, if you are asleep most of the time you don't eat :))
5) You don't go drinking = in many cases don't go smoking -> don't feel like shit in the morning
6) Don't write drunk late night messages -> less guilt/less mess in life -> more pleasure
7) And just proud of myself.

Did I sell it well?
Helpful hints to use. Humans are designed to move and work; anyone who leads a sedentary lifestyle, regardless of age, will suffer from poor health. Also important is what you eat. Avoid processed meals and sugar. Oh, how I wish I could follow my own advise. I'm pickled because of all the sugar I consume. However, if you are in Gurgaon and looking for spa then, visit: spa in Gurgaon
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