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Gemini is coming get ready ... Gents Looking for your help

Gemini Ladies

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Mar 11, 2010
Hey Guys !

Just wanted to come out and say thanks for all the warm welcomes you guys PMed ... Do appreciate the support !

We are still building and will be launching our website shortly ...

But I do need some advice .. where would you like to see our first location?

  1. Airport (seems a lot of agencies favour that location)
  2. Downtown
  3. Markham
  4. East - End
We are still building ... to build for success takes time ... We are looking to build a agency .. that not only caters to the hobbyist - but one that is worthy of your recommendations.
Downtown Baby. That's the place to be. Who can concentrate at the airport with all those planes landing. The ladies would become hard of hearing and we can't hear their cries of pleasure. Markham has too many traffic jams from farmers on tractors heading to incalls. The East End??:eek: Seriously??
Wow ! ... I asked and I received !

Wow ! ... I asked and I received !

Thanks Guys ...... looks like downtown and Markham are good places to start!

Wait till you see who we have in store for you ....
Gents and Ladies ... This will be worth the wait :)
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