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IN-Call Genevieve!! Lady of Passions




Genevieve is a legend.. And she well deserves this..

As soon as i walked in to the room she made me feel like we know each other very long time.. that was very good sign.. I wanted to see Genevieve long time and it was worth every single minute i waited to see her.

Well... Genevieve... She is very attractive French-Canadian Lady.. She has amazing body.. Beautiful eyes..Very Smart ( maybe too smart lol).. She has everything that perfect woman can have.. She made 60 minutes just fly... How amazing that being with perfect woman when she looks at your eyes she can tell what you want.. I didnt even tell her what i like.. what we should do.. She was already knowing me..

Genevieve opened the door with very inviting dress.. She is the first lady wasnt hiding behind the door.. lol.. Invited in with very warm smile.. very warm hug and little kiss.. we sat on the corner of the bed.. she started to open up the gifts.. then i received very hot kiss for the gifts.. it was so good i thought i got shocked with 1000 watt.. We talked a bit.. i went for quick shower.. came out from shower she was on the bed and watching me trough mirror with smile... laid down on the bed with her.. my hands were still shaking.. i got so excited.. She started LFK.. then slowly went in to DFK.. She is amazing kisser.. oh well she is French.. lol.. She came top of me..while she was kissing me.. my hands were moving all over her.. i had a hell of a time for undo her bra.. she smiled and said let me help you.. lol.. then here we go... amazing!!!! just amazing.. i had to taste them... i let her lay down.. now i am top of her.. her smell.. heavenly.. i was almost all over her.. i removed last peice that cover her amazing body...

Time to Mr. Tongue have some dessert.. Daty.. I took my time to having a dessert.. when dessert was done.. her turn started.. DFK.. her lips all over me.. BBBJ was.. i cant compare with anyone else. it was amazing... DT.. BLS.. everything was there.. full package... we than switched to 69 for more dessert.. its like.. you just dont want it to end.....

Time to cover.. CG.. her body.. just unbeleivable... she was moving every possible way when she was in CG.. she removed the cover for more amazing BBBJ.. you just dont want to stop her.. i stood up so i can see her amazing body while she was having fun with FF Jr. than another cover comes on Okay this is the weird part.. i was just about to tell her i really want to have doggie.. guess what.. she was in position already... well than we had very happy ending there.. i was counting stars turning over my head... smiled each other.. i laid down.. another favorite part that i like.. hot towel clean up... after clean up part.. she just sit beside me partly laying on me.. talked some.. with more DFK.. took shower.. she was waiting for me to balcony treat.. went to the balcony.. talked.. laughed.. Watched downtown.. Kissed more... at the balcony..

I just didnt want this to end.. But time to leave.. very hot kiss and hug for good bye..

Genevieve showed me heaven on the earth that day...
Re: Genevieve!! Lady of Passions

Your reviews are outstanding FF. You have been talking about her so much, I have to see this girl. She is independent now, right?

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