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Jul 30, 2015
Gentlemen of HUBGFE, the time has come to prepare your pants for a ravenous invasion of the very best kind....

Pamela Dolly (also known as Fukcdoll), the cleanest dirty girl you'll ever meet, is CUMing to YOUR area this Summer!

Pam's 6 Weeks of Sin across Southern Ontario takes place
July 11th- August 19th 2016

Tour Stops (in no specific order) include;

  • Markham
  • Toronto (downtown)
  • Mississauga
  • Niagara Falls
  • Burlington
  • London

Please be aware that Pam will only be spending 2-3 (maybe 4) days in each city, and she'll only be able to hit each city once during this 6 week time frame!

This tour's got it all:

____ ____


all it needs now is YOU!_______________

City dates and exact location have yet to be determined; but I will try to give as much advance notice as possible and as always I will be happy to accept prebookings to ensure our time together :love:

Keep your eyes and pants peeled for more titillating TOUR updates and prepare for some serious ADventures heading your way soon!

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Just dropping in to showcase my NEW where you can see my intended cities "hit list", add your 2c for any additional locations I should visit, let me know which days/times typically work best for you, give feedback as to some of the accessories I might need for various encounters, and where you can get some very IMPORTANT INFO on during my trek across the province!
Just because a city has not been listed as an intended summer tour stop doesn't mean that I won't go there...

The cities I've listed are where I'm making sure to stop; but I want to hear from you to see where else I'm wanted so that I can adjust my tour schedule and travels accordingly :)
Go to my and let me know you need me in your area this summer!​

To All of my FORMER Clients-

Being as I have a new work phone, I've lost all of my old contact info which means that you're going to have to battle through a blast of texts from new clients trying to connect with me which is of course going to make booking with me much harder then you're typically used to...

In an effort to help minimize this issue I will be accepting texts and PMs from all of my past provincial regulars as of today until the time of my touring your area for the purpose of verification :)
All you guys have to do is shoot me a text with your name, your location and perhaps some details of one of our past encounters, some personal info about you that you might have shared with me, and/or any online board handle so that I can verify that you are indeed who you claim to be- so that I can save you to my new work phone. That way I can take your bookings as you make them with me when I'm on the road!

I've just cleared my "IN BOX" to accept verification messages so reach out and touch me now so I can touch you back when I'm on tour!!!

To Any NEW Clients-

Pleased be advised that I do have a vetting process for those new clients wishing to appointments with me when I'm on tour.

If you are not comfortable with my vetting you in order to prebook appointments in advance, than arranging for last minute bookings when I am in your area is also an option.

Vetting of NEW Clients will begin June 1st​


Check out my !
Tell me what you want, what you need and what you wanna do with me this summer
PreBookings will be taken as of June 27th, 2 weeks prior to my tour!

As promised I'm posting my tour dates and locations with as much advance notice as possible, and while I might need to make some adjustments to my Burlington and/or Niagara dates, the rest of these stops are SOLID for the summer:

London July 11 & 12
@ Wellington & Exeter

Mississauga July 14-16
@ Dixie & 401

Burlington July 21-23
@ 403 & Guelph Line

Markham July 24- 26
@ Woodbine & Highway7

Niagara Falls August 4-6
@ Fallsview Casino

Toronto August 8-11
@ King & Younge

Of course I'm not gonna leave my Ktown Kinksters high and dry over the hot summer months! You guys will still be able to find me frequently throughout the summer at Queen & Westmount in Kitchener with varied hours and availability ;)

I hope you're all as excited for this tour as I am!!!


Available in Kitchener
Tomorrow: 4pm- Midnight!
Specials TEXT 2 Book
(437) 344- 1457

Kitchener Noon- 8pm
Thursdays & Fridays

TEXT (437) 344- 1457 to BOOK UR Spot in My Juicy Slots NOW!

I don't know about you; but with less than a month before I hit London I'm getting super excited for this tour, and IMO something this special deserves more than a mere page, so I built a whole new where I'm going to be showcasing all TOUR related , , and - including my upCUMing

Check out to see what I have in store ;)





> Mississauga, Burlington and Niagara Falls please see my calendar for my updated Saturday availability while touring your area​

A Special Note
RE Tour Rates:
While the rates on many of my 'Big Ticket Items' (Elite GFE & Fantasy PSE 'Your Way') have remained unchanged for my tour, all tour cities will notice a slight increase of $20 on all massage bookings, an increase of $40 on 1hr 'sub' bookings, flat rates ($100 per 30min) for all Domination, and an increase $20- $40 (depending on location) on many of my Signature PSE 'My Way' encounters. Please be advised that these are my "Regular Tour Rates" and the rate of any SPECIALS I might have while on tour shall supersede these listed rates. Additionally, and as it's always been, all prebooked appointments are welcome to any special rates that have been advertised on the day of our encounter.​

I kindly ask for your understanding surrounding these moderate increases during my tour, and I promise to make it up to you with an experience you'll never forget!


Some last minute changes in my personal summer plans have forced me to make a few necessary changes to my originally intended tour stops...
I'm really sorry about this; but as always family first, and their needs shall always supersede my own- including our fun time together.

The Following Cities Will See Some Changes:

I'm looking to rebook this tour at another time- please stand by for dates and details

Toronto- TOUR SHORTENED to 2 Days Only
I will be available at King & Yonge Monday, August 8th and Tuesday, August 9th from 8am- 8pm

The Following Cities May See Some Changes:

Burlington- STAND BY for INFO
I'm hoping to keep this tour; but if I can't I'll be looking to rebook it

Niagara Falls- STAND BY for INFO
I'm hoping to keep this tour; but if I can't I'll be looking to rebook it

Fortunately I've left a lot of holes in my touring itinerary so I have loads of room to play with where rebooking some of the changes may need to occur.

Thank you so much for your understanding in regards to these changes- I promise to make up any inconvenience when you cum see me ;)

Here's sum- NEW PICs!
taken this week :)


(sorry for the bad lighting)​



I will update this thread as soon as I have more info regarding any additional changes!

Just dropping in with a lil tour update, an update to my KW availability and some more fresh Fukcdoll pics for ya!

I've not yet rebooked your tour; but will likely be seeing you sometime in August- stay tuned

You're tour will be happening as planned; but I may need to remove Saturday so make sure you get in to see me Thursday or Friday just to be safe ;)

Right now I'm looking to see if accommodate 3 days of downtown play; but it may have to remain cut back to 2- keep your eyes and pants peeled for more info as it cums

Niagara Falls:
There is very good change I won't be able to make it to your area as planned; but I'm leaving the dates open just in case there happens to be any changes on my end wherein I can come to play- I'll let you know more as soon I can.

I'll be remaining in the city until Wednesday evening; but I will be available to see select clients on Monday from 4pm- 10pm, and possibly on Wednesday from noon- 6pm (though Wednesday is still a bit up in the air).
I will be OFF tomorrow (Friday); but available to see you Monday night if that works :)
Tonight- I'm booked solid, so cum see me Monday if you can ;)


Ohh I almost forgot..

More NEW Pics!

These are just some shots I took to check the lacing in back of my corset; but after playing with them with some black and white editing they came out kinda cool ;)

Hey Guys,

Great News- I've just managed to Reschedule my London Tour!!!!
London: August 15 & 16

@401 & Wellington Road; noon- midnight

Burlington & Niagara Falls:
You're tours are still a go; but I may need to drop the Saturday in one or both cities- stay tuned!

no new pics to share just yet- I'll see if I can sneak some more selfies in at work today ;)

Available today, Monday July 11th, in KITCHENER from 6pm- midnight

and then...
Prepare for Pure PSE Penetration with Fukcdoll's



July 14- 16

Noon- Midnight

Prebook to Save 20% OFF !
Massage & Nuru NOT Available; 20% discount does NOT apply to Domme/FET/BDSM bookings
Offer Valid on All PSE My Way/Your Way & Elite GFE Bookings Only*


EMAIL Me @ [email protected] for ALL Prebookings

Accepting PreBookings by EMAIL Now
Text to PreBook Tomorrow...



$100.oo per 30min interval

Get your kink prescription filled at


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