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IN-Call Gia, formerly of The Office, now with GOE


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Nov 25, 2009
Another past review of one of my favourite dates of 2009.

After some aborted attempts to see some of the girls on The Office roster I finally made an appointment to see Gia.

I'd been interested in her since I saw her photos at Dream Makers under the name Olyvia as she reminded me of a Vietnamese ex-girlfriend I used to have awesome sex with.

Made the appointment at a nice hotel north of the city (I don't like to divulge exact locations) and made my way. Had to wait a little when I got there as Gia it seemed had just arrived and was getting ready. Got the call from Kareena (I assume it was her) and went up.

Knocked on the door (with room service only two doors away from me) and was let in by Gia. Much taller than I imagined as I go the impression she might be a bit shorter than me but was actually pretty much the same height but taller with her heels on.

She was wearing a cute little dress with a light coloured matching bra and panties set on underneath. A past reviewer described her as a university girl who wears cute la senza underwear and I can confirm this. I'm guessing she's Chinese and has a great Kiwi accent, very sexy to my ears.

She seemed kind of nervous and shy at first but went straight into LFK with me. My goodness what sensual and soft lips she has. I didn't want to remove my lips from hers but a shower beckoned me to clean myself so this cutie could ravage me with her lips and tongue.

Got out and she was waiting on the bed for me but I noticed a couch in the room and asked if we could start over there instead. "Of course", she said. I sat down removed my towel and she straddled me with her bra and panties still on. I got a nice handfull of her cute ass in that nice thong of hers. More LFK leading towards DFK, this girl is an awesome kisser and she really likes to kiss. I honestly could spend an entire afternoon naked with ner and doing nothing but kissing with her.... ok that's a lie as I'd at least do oral with her too. Took her bra off to reveal a nice set of perky little breasts that were great to play with and kiss. They're topped off by a nice pair of dark nipples that were nice and hard.

She started to kiss my face and neck and then made her way down to my nipples where she licked and sucked and even bit them a little (it kind of hurt actually and I told her so she cut it out after that YMMV) down to my stomach to my crotch. She spent time licking the inside of my thighs, my legs and then finally to by balls and then my cock. So there she was kneeling in front of me while I sat back on the couch and she licked up and down and engulfed my head and shaft into her cute mouth. A very very good BBBJ ensued and she DT me but as I constantly like to mention I'm not a huge guy so she might not be able to do the same for others. I asked her to suck my balls and when she did she said, "This always happens, one of your balls is sticking out when I sucked on it" I replied, "Well you might as well put it back in your mouth baby." and she did. I think I spent a good 10 minutes of her mouth on my dick and it was heavenly but I needed to get a taste of her pussy.

Moved towards the bed and slid her panties off and she was already a little wet. DATY on her clean shaven kitty. Like everything else about her it's very cute and tasted really sweet to me. Was receptive to digits while I tongued her clit and moaned in a very sensual manner.

Finally I had to be inside that tight little kitty of hers and on came the cover and she got on top of me for some CG. She fucked me up and down and met me for some more DFK. She would also just sit on me and grind my cock with her pussy and it was hot watching this innocent looking girl act like a complete sex fiend while still maintaining the air of innocence.

Moved her so she laid down on the edge of the bed and she sucked me some more and then I stood in front of her and plunged myself back inside of her in mish. Started with some nice slow strokes and built my speed gradually and she said, "Fuck me faster!" so I did. Alternated from rapid fire strokes to a nice hard pounding and bless Gia's heart (& kitty) she took it like a trooper and encouraged me to lay it into her.

While she's not a clock wathcer I kind of am and had to be somewhere else for work soon and orgasms are kind of hard for me in FS these days so I asked her to engage in 69 with me and she obliged. An intense BBBJ took place, I think I worked her up with the fucking I gave to her. I stared at her kitty and anus and just went to town on both holes with my tongue while doing digits in her kitty which made her moan some more. Felt my load about to erupt and so flipped her on her back and asked if I could unload on her cute tits which she replied in the affirmative. That morning I woke up with a raging hard-on but decided not to masturbate and save it for whoever I saw later on and man am I glad I did. I stroked myself until I deposited a copious amount of cum onto her breasts, I surprised even myself with how much I had in me.

After that took a shower, she saw me off with some more DFK.


Face - 8/10 - Very cute Asian girl who I'm guessing is Chinese. As mentioned by others she has a bit of acne that she covers well with make-up. Didn't bother me at all but others who might read this might base a decision on seeing her and so I feel it's fair to mention it. What I like about her face as well is that it doesn't scream out at you that underneath is a very sexual person. She looks like one of those girls I see at Pac mall catches my attention because of how cute they are as opposed to the ones I see that I want to give a Right Royal Rogering to.

Body - 8/10 - I'd say about 5'4" to 5'5" so about my height. Lean and a bit soft with a fairly flat stomach with perky mouthful breasts and nice roundish smooth ass. My only regret is that I didn't do doggie with her, next time for sure (especially since she said it's her fave).

Service - 9/10 - LFK/DFK, DATY, DIGITS (YMMV), BBBJ/DT, MPOS (CG, RCG, standing mish), PEARLS. She's really friendly and warm once she gets comfortable with you definite GFE as our session took me back to my days of afternoon delight with my Viet girlfriend back in the day.

Damage - 150/half-hour - Fair price for Gia's looks, service and the location as well.

Repeat - YES - I actually want to make my way through the starting line-up at the Office and have already met Roksi (review later on in the week) and maybe even the new girl Trina though I want to see some reviews on her first.
Beenthere123 said:
I also met Gia once and she is a sweetheart did not know is such a nymph must try her out soon.

Total nymph. I think her best feature is she's rather innocent looking but what lies behind this Mini Cooper is a sexually charged Ford Mustang GT!
SandOnTheBreeze said:
Called GOE the other day about another girl (did not end up booking) and was told that she decided not to come back :( Should have seen her when I had the chance.

She's not coming back to Toronto or GOE? If it's the latter chances are good she'll show up with another agency.
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