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Saw this babe a little while back, here is my review.

Booking was smooth as usual with DM, Peter is an Ace.

Opened door and this attractive young babe greets me with a beautiful smile. Petite frame and long black hair, so far so good. Mandatory shower and sprinted to the bed were she was waiting for me with open arms.

Started DFK (don't think she is into DFK much) but only for a few seconds. I then placed both my hands underneath her top and discovered those beautiful breasts. Started playing with them but can tell her nipples are sensitive so took it easy there.
She went down to see my buddy and that is were the fun started. She started saying "I love your cock" "Want me to suck your cock till you drop" "Come fuck my mouth". Holly shit, that turned me on big time.

She just went at junior with saliva, lots of spit, more dirty words. First time I had this type of BBBJ and surprised how much I loved it. Lots of eye contact, gagging and more "I love sucking your cock" when she came up for air. She then put her long hair into a pony tail and asked me to hold it while she sucks me. So I was holding her hair to get a better view but what she meant was push my face down every time I suck you. Damn second Holy shit

Daty time, loves it and can tell she likes it gently with her body language. Played with her clit till she reached the big O, one finger in her pussy another in her but (only in a little for the fun of it, don't want you perverts to think she likes it deep up her ass) The bed was all wet from her O and all the spit she used, so pushed her to the side to begin mish.

Mish was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Cannot go into details cause this may be very YMMV, have to respect and protect this babe, but trust me it was out of this world. If you like them kinky but you are willing to be gentle in some parts she is your girl.
Re: Giselle @ DM

Knight Rider said:
Damn, that was one heck of a review! Thanks for sharing your experience with Giselle.

One more to add to my ever growing TDL.


Some of your reviews also screwed up my TDL, we are even ;)
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