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Going overtime with your SP

jagger said:
Do you do many evening entertainment dates Gen?.
I do.

While I'm happy to stay in, I find that going out even if for only a minimal part of the date adds a few layers of fun and hotness to an encounter. First, it adds an element of anticipation and flirting which is a little difficult to reproduce in a hotel room or incall bedroom. For those with a dirty mind like me, it's also fun to be out in
public, and to think that people around you have no idea who you and your partner really are and what you are up to. Depending on the type of date and outing, it can also give you an occasion to connect with your partner at a different level that would be possible in a typical hotel/bedroom setting. Additionally, I just like the challenge of organizing a special date for someone, and to surprise them with something as close to their fantasy as possible. It's like a mini show production for me: I like producing a show, and I like watching my show. ;)
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