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Hot Hot Hot Nadia @ Hush Companions

Kirk Lazarus

Dec 1, 2009

The end.

I guess a little more info would be helpful. Nadia's pics are entirely accurate. In fact, her profile page lists enough details (without violating her privacy) to help me determine that she was someone who I should see. The only question was how facially attractive was she. Well I soon found out when she opened the door.

Nadia has the hot Eastern European type facial features. On top of that, she was wearing some sexy glasses. Tanned skin. She greeted me at the door in a tight pair of leggings and top. After I returned from the shower, she was wearing this lingerie set and was literally in that pose on the bed...

It was Nadia's second day at Hush, so she was still feeling her way through the session. But soon we were relaxed and started with some LFK. There were hints of DFK, but we never got that far. Did I say that she has a beautiful tanned body? I commented her on her soft skin, then immediately went exploring her body wonderland. She giggled and said "I can see that you are enjoying my soft skin". I said "Oh yeah...", but didn't say much more as I was already dining away. Nadia is not as vocal as say Cara at Hush, but she did offer words of encouragement while I was dining and while were were in different positions.

Her BBBJ felt good. It wasn't over the top, but just a nice BBBJ...that's all I ask. After foreplay, on goes the raincoat and we started in CG where I was admired her beautiful enhanced breasts. I'm not a fan of enhanced breasts, but she has one of the best enhancements that I've seen, touched or tasted. It was proportionate to her body. After switching various positions, I finished in mish. When I finished, she looked at me and said "You're a champ". I responded by asking "Where's my championship belt?" We had a good laugh while I caught my breath.

I had a great time with Nadia. The highlight of this session is that she is a hottie.

The profile that Hush Companions has about Nadia is accurate from the pics all the way down to the description of her. Below is Nadia's description on her profile with my comments in brackets.

Hush would like to welcome our newest delight Nadia [Oh yes, she's a delight]. This elite companion has a a spinner body [thin body], long legs [oh yes and oh so smooth], big bust [my hands, lips, mouth and face can confirm that] and gorgeous face [if you like the Eastern European woman, you will like her look] making her the complete package. Her Ukranian roots shine through with her blonde hair, hazel eyes, and tanned skin. Come see for yourself!! [I did cum see for myself and I will cum back again]
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