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How far in advance do you pre-book


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Jan 26, 2010
I find myself having to cancel appointments when I pre-book to far in advance. I usually try and book one day in advance but even with that many times the lady promised does not show up and I end up taking one the booker recommends.

I would love to hear some of your booking styles? Maybe I can learn a trick or two.
Normally same day with an Agency that I have options with, meaning I have 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices within their roster...My window is small (I said WINDOW) so that's why I like to explore the different ladies within the same Agency.

I pre-book when I know there is a certain lady I haven't seen in a while or is hard to book same day; this of course depends on my schedule....I make everything work around seeing my SP :p
Because I come from the States, I try to book as far in advanced as I can. I really like agencies that post a schedule, it makes it easier. But I have called 30 min before when an unexpected cancellation has occured.
I am totally a spur of the moment SP visitor. Even when I book an hour in advance something might come up that takes me away, GOD I HATE THAT!

Every morning as soon as I wake up and stumble out of bed, my mind goes to "who am I going to book", by the time I am brushing my teeth reality sets in and I think of my days schedule, DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!
I start making my calls in the morning, check my schedule vs theirs and decide who is available from my TD list. Pre booked with Cassidy, Paris and Cheri because I had too.
I pre-book as soon as I know the dates I will be going to TO. I usually pre-book the first 2 days, and then once I am there, work the rest of my TDL, a day or two in advance. I keep in close touch with the owners regarding certain ladies that I want to see.
I usually book the day of - mostly call the agency in the morning for an afternoon appointment. I've booked 1 week in advance only a couple of times. Once for Cassidy @ Entourage and the other for Lauren @ Cupids (now retired).
I am curious if most of you book with agencies or indies?
The majority that responded said they were booking same day and in my experience having been with both I had all my same day appts when I was with an agency but being indy I am booked in advance. I was wondering if the two corresponded or if my experience was unique.

In keeping with the spirit of the thread I find that only 10% of my requests are for same day bookings which I can rarely accomodate due to my schedule, and in general most requests are 1-2 weeks in advance. The furthest I am booked in advance (with the exception of travel) is generally about 6 weeks, which is with those I see on a regular basis where we know our habits/cycles.
Kyra.Graves said:
I was wondering if the two corresponded or if my experience was unique.
Same here.

When I was working with agencies, 90% at least of my bookings were done same day or maybe a day in advance. Now, I'm usually booked up to two weeks in advance (my schedule doesn't really allow me to book much further in advance), and I only get a few requests for same day appointement, which I can rarely accomodate.

There's also a strong correlation between pre-bookings and multihours appointments, and same day bookings and one or two hours appointments.
I have to say the with Indies who are well respected/visited and reviewed, I will book well in advance; Rebecca being a classic case (1 week). My days and schedules have to be well planned to take advantage of this, and because of that caveat, these times are rare.

Gen, I've wanted to see you for quite some time and I would be a smart cookie to book you in advance and the anticipation would be dancing in my mind for the days to come..but again, a well planned week would be the only way this is going to happen.

The above reasons are why I book 90% of my sessions same day and with Agencies. I think Sexy Jordan is the only Indy (popular/known) I've ever had good luck with for booking on the fly (only once did we not connect).
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