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How many lovers have you enjoyed?

Re: How many lovers have you enjoyed?

Wow tough question :!:

High School years around 15, College 20, after that 30 or so. I was a big bar scene guy, believe me they were all not pretty.
Ever woke up in the morning with a hangover and a babe next to you and said WTF, had some scary ones. ;)
Lori, Michelle, Mary, Karen1, Kelly, Valerie, Lisa, Carrie, Lynn, Beatrice, Rochelle, Stacey, Sandi, Rosemary, Rosemarie, Janet, Rebecca, Eileen, Carrie2, Lynn, Annamaria and Karen2-exwife

First, BT123 and DD you are man-whores! :razz: Next, if we aren't counting SPs than my number is 1 (Sentry), unless we can count boyfriends that I did oral with then I would 3! Told you guys, there's only 1 dick for me.
Civlians about 25
Dancers lost count at around 120
SP's lost count at around 100
MP's = 0
Civilian 3somes = 7 (I think. No repeats in there)
SP 3somes = 0

I'm such man-whore. 3 will you still respect me in the morning...?
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