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How much do you generally tip for a 1 hr session?

How much do you generally tip for a 1 hr session?

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    Votes: 11 40.7%
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    Votes: 1 3.7%
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    Votes: 5 18.5%
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    Votes: 2 7.4%
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    Votes: 5 18.5%
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    Votes: 2 7.4%
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    Votes: 0 0.0%
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    Votes: 1 3.7%
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sentry11 said:
Good information.

Personally, I tip almost every time, unless it just went very poorly, $20-40, but then I am only making the trip to GTA about once a month.

I have stopped asking "3" how much she tips, it just gets me "upset", so better off not knowing.

Oh PLEASE!!! I dont let you take your wallet with you when you go alone because you would give our credit cards out as a tip. But that's why I love you.

Lexusdriver said:
"3" how much you tip?, sorry Sentry had to say it.:cool:

Lexus, I'd tell you but Sentry might read it!

art of happiness said:
Sp's generally go into character and follow a well rehearsed script. Tipping isn't going to expand their menu, so why bother?

I tip, not to expand the menu, but as a thanks for providing an expceptional time.
getwhatuwant said:
Tipping is definitely a nice gesture, I never expect it, but it's always nice to get one. Not because it's more dollars but it tells me that the gentleman thoroughly enjoyed his time with me and that I earned his kudos or praise. Everyone likes to be rewarded for a job well done. Verbal praise is wonderful in itself and very much appreciated, when there is a tip there is more evidence the words are genuine.

For an hour session I would say it's usually around $20, but it all depends on the many things that effect a session.

A repeat client is much more important to me than a tip. I view it as earning a regular and that is one of my goals to accomplish with every client I see. Having a repeat client is the best form of praise or really the best tip I could ask for.

Very classy response.
getwhatuwant said:
A repeat client is much more important to me than a tip.

However, and in the spirit of the thread, I think that there are a few instances where a tip may be appropriate:

"Extra milleage", but not necessarily in terms of the alphabet soup only: If you're SP goes the extra mile to please you and make your fantasies come through, tipping is a good way to show your appreciation and compensate her for her extra work and time. For instance, if you are asking your SP to be done up in a very specific way that requires extra care and time to get ready for you (keeping in mind that your average civilian takes about one hour to get ready, do the maths to figure out how long it takes your fav SP to get all done up for you), or to put some extra time into preparing a "scene" for you, tipping is a good way of showing that you appreciate her special efforts.

"Extra service": If you over-stayed your time significantly (more than 10 ish minutes), it's a nice gesture to offer her a compensation for the extra time you stayed with her, especially if you intend on seeing her again. Unless of course she explicitly told you it was OK for you to stay a bit longer "on the house".
Gonnablow said:
I'm curious to know if Demien tips?.

I heard he was cheap motherfucker who'd steal the gold fillings right out the SP's head in mid-orgasm if he could! The girls universally despise him for this reason in particular, among a very long list of other highly revolting and despicable personal attributes!
rileyroyal said:
Well this is interesting a nice list of who not to book.

Jawbone said:
I don't believe you will have to worry about having too many from this list calling you. I know I definitely will not be so please put me on your do not book list.

iceman_dci said:
....oh riley.

Some of the members and even non-members, poon on a budget. The $200 or 250 they spend on a session may have taken them a while to save up, the idea of dropping more money/tip on to a girl may not be in the books. I poon on a budget, if there's room for a little extra, it'll be in the envelope. Some agenice purposely set odd numbers for rates, like $230...I'd love to see a client ask for change from 12 20's... :lol:

Riley, your comment is only setting you up for more kicks. I laud the members for holding back as much as they have. The "nice list of who not to book" goes both ways.

GDLLover said:
Looking further into this idea;

1. Would you rather have a non-tipper that is a respectful gentleman or a tipper that is disrespectfull?

2. Would you rather have a one time client that tips or a client that repeats and doesn't tip?

3. Would you rather have a client that is always late or sometimes doesn't show but does tip well, or would you rather have a punctual client that doesn't tip?

In other words, its not always a good vs. bad client related by tip/no tip. There is often more to the story of what makes a good client

Rayden said:
I very rarely tip and I am usually at the higher end of the YMMV scale. The rare times I have is because the session was at such a low price I felt bad considering I had recieved excellent service so I left a little extra.

Riley you really do know how to kill business, my God. My business is service oriented as well and I live on repeat business. If I ever said or wrote the things your write I would starve. Sorry, I am not trying to pick on you but you really do like stepping in the doo doo.

Holy fuck Riley. You just make this waaaaaaay too easy for me to set the cross hairs on you and fire away. Look at all the quotes above. Will you just learn to keep yer yap shut for once? Or replace that filter in your head that was removed by your cats during the night..."meow, lets remove part of her brain , meow, so she'll give us more tender vittles, meow, and buy us more cat toys, meow...suture...meow"

Even though Iceman's called me out in the Lobby, I agree with him and you set yourself up to get "a humiliating kick in the crotch" so to speak...and before anyone says anything, I ain't condoning violence to women, its a quote from The Police Synchronicity and a segue in to Iceman's remark about setting her self up for a fuck off :)
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