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Internet dating

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neverenoughsex said:
Most of the girls advertised are prostitutes. Rather hobby with SP you know what you get.
i always hated the word "Hobby".. can we call it something more exciting and new? ..male whoring work???? :roll:
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I've met the girls that worked with me off a dating site. Separately I've met quite a few guys when I was younger.
I did a lot of slutting it up that would almost compare to some hobbiests. If I had known about this industry and it's perks when I was say 19-21, I would have been a really good SP lol. My typical date was going over to a guy's place on a Friday and end up staying the weekend haha.
Re: Internet dating

In the old days with the phone chat lines I would see 1 or 2 babes and have it for free. not the greates looking but JR123 is not pretentious.
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I have not personally tried the internet dating thing. A pal of mine says that alot of profiles are total lies (as if the guy will never find out the truth). A few ladies actually want a relationship but most just want a night on the town. My favourite stoy goes like this. Buddy contacts lady via email a few times, then they exchange phone numbers. After a few chat sessions he suggests they meet for coffee. Over coffee the topic of dating comes to light ...
she says she is not ready for the commitment dating implies. WHY would someone like that be on a dating site to begin with. Who needs the hassle and huge waste of time. Give me a SP any time. At least everyone know what way the wind is blowing.
Re: Internet dating

Re: Internet dating

I have had good luck with eHarmony. The thing is if you are semi committed to hobbying its difficult if not impossible to do both. If you are serious about meeting someone for a long term relationship you have to quit hobbying. You will find yourself finding fault with everyone you meet because you really want to continue hobbying. Its a subconscious thing. This has been my experience someone else may be different.
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