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IN-Call Jaime - Hot Indy Cougar!!!


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Nov 25, 2009
So have you ever been at the supermarket and seen that older woman who obviously keeps in shape and cares about how she presents herself and think to yourself, "What would my cock look like in her mouth?" or "Man would I love stare at her anus while I fuck her in doggie!" well gentleman I fucked that woman today and it was good.

Heard about Jaime in the CL section and she got some positive reviews so based on that, her pics and her price I thought I'd venture out west near the airport to her upscale hotel for a little afternoon delight. BTW I'm posting this in the Incall section because for all intents and purposes she's an incall and more ****ites will see this review here than in the CL section and the word on this woman must be spread. Anyways gave her a call and set up an easy appointment and got clear directions to where she was.

Got to the hotel and it's paid parking to which I said, "Fuck that!" and proceeded to park across the street at the plaza with the restaurants and free parking. Called her to let her know I was there and she gave me the room number. Now I have to say that one of the things I like about hotels is that you don't have to bother with a buzz code or concierge, you just walk in and everyone assumes you're a guest there as well.

Got to Jaime's door and knocked and walked in and she was hiding behind the door. Wow! Better than what I was expecting. Standing in a black corset with tons of cleavage to show off her great manmades, black stockings and a black t-back she looked fucking hot! Lovely face though I do think she's a bit older than 39 not that it matters coz she's still a hot early 40s kind of woman.

Introduced ourselves with names and DFK, she tasted great and is somewhat aggressive with the kissing. Broke away from her mouth saying I needed to take a shower. 3 minutes later I'm out and DFK again, then she makes her way down and squats in front of my rock-hard member and puts it in her mouth, BBBJ! Lots of looking up at me with her grey/blue eyes while my dick disappears into her mouth and on top of her tongue. To be honest she doesn't crack my top 4 BBBJs of all time but it's still pretty good. By request she gets a bit more sloppy and her saliva is apparent on her cheeks and chin as she took a break from sucking me to rub my cock on her face!

I then ask if we can go over to the mirror and she obliges as she likes to watch her mouth filled with dick. Did this for a couple of minutes and then I pull out and a line of her saliva is running from my cock to her lips as she gets up and I almost blew my load then and there. We then moved towards the bed where she took off the corset to reveal a nice pair of manmades that felt great in my hands and mouth. More DFK and this time I worked my way down to her D-cups down to her belly piercing and then had her hop up on the bed where she laid down and I pulled those sexy black panties to the side to reveal a beautiful, shaven and clean kitty! I'm telling you guys this woman has the body of a woman in her mid-20s, hell I've fucked women younger than her that would kill to have her body. Back to her kitty, it too looked like it should belong on a younger woman, took a couple of licks and then pulled her panties down. We left the stockings on

DATY and some minor digits but she said she wasn't a fan so I stopped with the fingers. Actually what she said was "Sweetie I love your cock or tongue in there but not your fingers." So if you absolutely need to do digits then don't waste this woman's time or your time. Doesn't matter to me as I can do without digit work. She tasted really nice too and the view of her playing with her nipples while I tongue-lashed her clit was incredibly stimulating.

I then remembered reading about a position from other reviewers and thought I'd ask her if she was keen on trying it. So I had her lie down on the bed so that her head was hanging from the edge of it and I put my cock back in there so that she was BBBJing me with some minor DT (YMMV as I'm not that hard to get all the way into a woman's mouth) and my balls where touching her nose. She also did some BLS which felt great too. I seriously didn't want to leave that position but decided I need to see my cock inside this hot cougar's vagina!

She turns around and lies down on the bed and I'm standing by the edge. She slips on the coat and lubes her kitty up and I slide in really nicely. Alternate from slow sliding to rapid thrusts. She's staring up at me with those pretty eyes and pulling on her nipples. On occassion I move forward for some more DFK. I ask her to flip over so I can stare at her amazing ass while fucking her. I might be beating a dead horse but my goodness this ass looks like it's 20 year's younger! While in doggie I ask her if I can CIM and she says "Oh yeah! I love it!"

Finally I notice the chair in the room and ask her if we can use it. She says yes and I sit down and she mounts me in a squatting CG which was awesome! I want to cum so I ask her to suck my cock again so there I am sitting in this chair and in front of me is this beautiful blonde soccer mom with a beautiful body on her knees worshipping my cock with her mouth. After a couple of mintues she takes me to the hilt and keeps me there as I cum and she swallows every drop!!!! I swear she took it all! She even keeps sucking me, albeit more gently, as I go limp from my first SOG.

Not much to say about the 2nd half-hour as a second SOG didn't happen but not for lack of trying on her part. We just made out some more, more DATY and BBBJ and talking about her sex experiences (3somes with 2 dudes and dude and a girl). Washed up and did a bit more DFKing and tit sucking before I left the room.

Note to Sentry11, while I didn't ask if she did couples she did say she liked eating pussy so maybe someone you and your wife might try down the line.


Face - 8/10 - She says 39 but I'd say a bit older. Some wrinkles but nothing that detracts from her beauty and I bet dollars to cents that 15 - 20 years ago she turned lots of heads. Lovely eyes and blonde hair

Body - 8/10 - About 5'3 or 5'4, very toned, flat stomach, D-cups (not sure about exact size), and a beautiful ass! The manmades were pretty good. Pics in her ad are accurate.

Service - 8/10 - DFK/LFK, BBBJ w/minor DT (YMMV), DATY, MPOS (MISH, DOGGIE, CG on a chair), BBBJTCIMWS. Didn't do Russian or pearls but I'd imagine they are avaliable. She doesn't like digits fellas so please keep that in mind. She works Mon/Wed/Fri from about 10am to 2-3pm so she doesn't get burned out. I was her last client for the day but I felt like I was her first. Very nice to talk to (will do dirty talk if you request it) and comes across as charming, intelligent and down-to-earth. Doesn't rush and encourages MSOG so it had nothing to do with her that my dick failed me for a second go around.

Damage - 200/1 hour - great deal with someone this good. Unfortunately no hh rates.

Repeat - Yes - About $50 less than seeing an agency girl and I guess just as good a service as most of them.

Regret - No - Had a wonderful time with Jaime and she really seemed to enjoy sucking and fucking with me for the hour.
iceman_dci said: friend, you have discovered this little airport gem.

I've repeated with Jaime on many occassions and she has never let me down whether I'm the first or last of her appointments.

Just so you can compare notes gentlemen...not trying to hijack MB's review

Well done MB, Rayden and I welcome you to the Airport Pooners cockblocking :lol:

God Damn you Ice! Always one step ahead of me. I been meaning to see this lady but the airport is a pain for me. I'm not really into the MILF thing, but she sounds like a keeper.

Now BT123 is going to see her and it will be all over.

MB, you're one of my fav reviewers. Just another example of why. Thanks.
This lady sounds very tantalizing. MB you have outdone yourself with this review which has been confirmed by the Iceman! Well done gentlemen on what seems to be a very good find!
She moves around from different hotels, wouldn't be surprised if she uses that discount hotel service.

BT as I recall she only works select days and hours, I believe it's like Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am to 3pm (you can confirm when you call her).

Good luck in making the appointment and I look forward to your review.
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