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IN-Call Jemma@Mirage and my Dale Carnegie book


Dec 1, 2009
I have a story to tell. On January 16/2010 after literally 2 months of trying I finally was able too book an appointment with the legendary Jemma @ Mirage. Jemma is certainly a superstar sp and as a result very hard to book with. I've only used Mirage once previously. I saw Natasha back in October of 2009 and had a positive experience.

Getting back to Jemma I finally got too meet this beauty in person on Jan 16/2010. Unfortunately for me I had a horrible hobbying day and couldn't sustain an erection. Jemma's looks certainly weren't the problem. I was very nervous on that day and felt like I got a very short half an hour. With that being said I still couldn't get it up and only received a quick handjob from Jemma when she used a lot of lube. I was only semi-erect at the time eventhough I had taken my usual 50 mg of viagra before the session.

In hindsight I should have just cancelled my appointment with Jemma. I was having a bad day and having some personal issues in own life at the time as well. I've learned that Viagra can only do so much:lol:. Just like Alegra@Entourage should have cancelled on me because she was having a bad day. I should have cancelled on Jemma because I was having a bad day.

I'd already waited over two months to see Jemma so in hindsight what difference would another week or two have made? I admit that I was in the wrong here. From now on going forward. If I'm just not feeling it that day then I'm certainly not going to hobby.

So I literally wasted $160 plus Viagra expenses. I always believed that Mirage was a reputable agency so I decided to give Ravi a call after my appointment. Too make a very long story short Ravi agreed to give me a $50 discount on my next appointment which I thought was fair. However i'm a paranoid person by nature so I decided too post a review of Jemma anyway on that other board. Andy responded to my review in a very fair fashion. I then decided to call Ravi back and ask if I could speak with Andy personally.

I had a very positive conversation with Andy. Andy was very patient and understanding with me on the phone. I was very impressed that Andy treated me so professionally and respectfully on the phone eventhough I'm a very low ranking client in the scheme of things. I was so impressed with Andy's attitude that I decided to delete my Jemma review. I've learned in life that you should admit when you're wrong and I was wrong to post that Jemma review at all. I guess I was just frustrated that I couldn't perform with Jemma at all after waiting two months too see her.

I apologize again for being so wordy. I told Andy that not only do I suffer with erectile dysfunction issues but I'm also a very nervous person as well. Andy then insisted that I speak to him personally when I've decided who at Mirage I wanted too see next. Andy also agreed to honour the $50 discount that Ravi had given me. I'm sure that I drove Andy crazy on the phone but we had a few laughs and I was grateful how reputable an agency Mirage really is.

Getting back to Jemma. I found Jemma to be a very pretty and engaging sp. It's just too bad that I couldn't have seen Jemma on a day when I was feeling it. I can 100% see why Jemma is a true legend in this business.

What I find absolutely fascinating is how Andy handled me on the phone. I guess Andy read that Dale Carnegie book that I was referring to in my Alegra review? Andy told me quite honestly on the phone that he hated these half an hour appointments in the first place. He told me that Mirage monitors the time quite closely but sometimes schedules get out of whack etc. Andy said that he thought that Ravi was being overly generous with the $50 discount but he's not going to renege on the discount that Ravi offered me.

Here's where things get funny. Andy had totally diffused the situation. I went from being a frustrated dis-satisfied client into being an embarassed client. I soon realized that I was at least 80% to blame for my own misfortune. I started apologizing on the phone to Andy like there was no tomorrow. Andy then laughed and said don't worry about. Andy then gave me a compliment that he enjoyed reading some of my reviews on the other board. Dale Carnegie would have been applauding in his grave. Andy could probably teach one of those Dale Carnegie courses himself?

Anyway a week later I give Andy a call on his personal cellphone and book an appointment with Alize@Mirage for a half and hour session using my $50 discount. Miraculously I was able to perform in full service with Alize. However now I'm on 20 mg of Cialis. I find Cialis to be a better ED pill then Viagra but that's a topic for another day.

I regret that I won't get the opportunity to repeat with Jemma because of all the embarassment that I caused. But I guess you can't win them all? I would definitely recommend Jemma to every HUBGFE hobbyist as long as you can get it up? Just kidding:).

Thanks again Andy for handling my situation with such respect and class. Dale Carnegie if he were alive would be very proud of you.
Mirage is First Rate

Mirage is First Rate

I must admit that I am not surprised that Mirage went above and beyond the call of duty. They are a first-rate agency and it is their customer service that has made them my #1 watering-hole.

Hugh said:
Thanks Winslow, why would Mirage give you $50.00 of when clearly it was not their fault. You had the decency to admit that, I don't understand it.

Here's the situation. According to my watch I was only given a 25 minute session including 2 showers? Andy and Ravi both thought that I was given a longer time then that? I originally was supposed to see Jemma later in the day but my appointment was moved up. I admit that I wasn't really thinking properly that day and I could have been wrong about the 25 minutes as well?

Throughout the appointment I kept on asking Jemma if time was up? I readily admit that I was very erratic that particular day. I had my mind on too many other personal issues. If it was probably any other sp besides Jemma then I would have cancelled the appointment. However I was so curious to see Jemma that I made a bad judgment call and went through with the appointment even though I was not in the hobbying mood.

Andy then told me on the phone that he wasn't going to argue over the $50. One reason why I wrote this Jemma review was to illustrate how all agency owners deal with problematic situations in different ways. I'm hoping that other members of HUBGFE will learn something from my hobbying experiences?Isn't that what HUBGFE is all about?
4Times said:
No doubt Mirage is solid in customer service. Hot women, reliability and integrity underpin the top agency in town. If you are straight with Andy the guy goes the xtra yard for you. The last thing Mirage wants are unhappy clients. The agency pays attention to their clients like most successful businesses do. They can also size you up quick if you approach them with bullshit.

Very true 4Times. I fully explained my side of the story to Andy on the phone and we took things from there. I certainly wasn't approaching Andy with any bullshit. My side of the story IMHO did have some merit.
Really have to admire Andy as an agency owner, I don't think most would have been that easy going about it, as in this case Jemma had done no wrong. Credit to you as well because you do admit you were at fault.

A case of all ends well and all go home happy.
Repoman said:
Really have to admire Andy as an agency owner, I don't think most would have been that easy going about it, as in this case Jemma had done no wrong. Credit to you as well because you do admit you were at fault.

A case of all ends well and all go home happy.

Kudos to Winslow for doing the right thing.
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