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IN-Call Jemma @ Mirage: SOOO HOT & SO SWEET


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Nov 10, 2009
I am happy to share my experience on this new board. I have been hitting home runs in this hobby since i returned to it 2 months ago and lately, life has really smiled upon me. Having seen girls that are now my ATFs such as Paris@GOE, Evelyn@Exquisite, Julia@Mirage, Daphne@Mirage and Sebelle@Exquisite, I thought I had seen it all and this was it. The along comes Jemma.

I had read all the reviews on Jemma and how gorgeous she is and I knew it was time to see her. Went to the downtown hotel to meet her and as soon as I opened the door and saw that gorgeous smile and those amazing eyes, the WOW factor was in full effect. Sheer awe at the beauty of this girl. Gave me a big kiss and walked with her to the bedroom, and was now able to take in the full vision, her body is spectacular, and her legs are just unreal...I was revved up. Went into the shower with that giddy smile that you have in highschool when you are about to experience things with the hottest girl in school for the first time.

Great DFK, amazing BBBJ and DT then I went down for DATY, what can I say, pure heaven, clean shaven and sweet. Then on to Mish, then to CG which was great because she was able to climax there, then on to a fantasy I had to fulfill, we did reverse CG in front of the mirror. Nothing short of pure blue movie visuals coming to life. The sight and the feeling was so good and had SOG1 there - a memory etched in me for life. We chatted abit and then she decided to revive me with 15 minutes left. More amazing BBBJ and DT, went to doggie and really went at it hard for a good 10 minutes, then finished wiith BBBJ.

One thing I have to make special not of: above and beyond her looks which are phenomenal, Jemma is such a nice easygoing girl, and I enjoyed our time together immensely. It is so refreshing to hang out with someone soe genuine and real.

Thank you so much Jemma, you are a FANTASTIC lady, don't ever change in any way!

:D :D :D
Re: Jemma @ Mirage: SOOO HOT & SO SWEET

Beenthere123 said:
Wow, buddy great fricking review. She is first on my list for sure.


Run don't walk to Jemma BT123, She has a good natured, sex loving persona that is very very rare for a girl as hot as her.
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