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Barrie-Northern Jodi in Orillia - Ads in CL


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Nov 24, 2009
I went to see this SP last summer. WOW! Where do I start? She sounds like a party girl on the phone but in person ...... Skank. When I first laid eyes on this lady I thought, well you've come this far at least talk to the lady. Jodi stands about five feet high and has an ass the size of a VW. I was wondering if I had the nerve to TOFTT. I entered her apartment, if you can call it that. It was a dump. If a lady is hosting incalls you would think that a little effort would be made regarding the state of the place. I'm not going in for a white glove inspection but seriously even a casual tidy up would have be nice. While talking with Jodi regarding the menu of services she says in her ad - no restrictions - I asked what that meant. She was willing to do ANYTHING I was up for including no dome. I was taken aback at this. I noticed evidence of needle marks on the inside of her wrist. That was when things slammed home. I gotta get out of this place. I lied to her stating that I had left my cash in my truck and would be right back. Good thing there was no one crossing the street when I left. I was in third gear peeling out of the parking lot before the engine had turned over. She still posts to this day. I cannot belive that people go visit and partake in the services offered.
Re: Jodi in Orillia - Ads in CL

ya its all bad there...stopped in once in the summer, the place smelled like piss, was filthy, and she was hauling back on a giant cigarette when i showed up.... only got a half price bj figured i might as well get something for my half hour (she had no condoms there, not that i would have done anything else anyways)... finished as quick as i could and got the hell outta there
Re: Jodi in Orillia - Ads in CL

Whoa....she sounds dangerous. I too wonder how many poor uneducated souls have partaken in the "sans party hat" option and have lived to tell about it. Sounds like bad news all the way. Thanks for letting us know and good on you for the recon.
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