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Jan 14, 2010
I just want to refresh my old review (from another site) to get a small chance to win a competition “The BEST review of the month”

I noticed her when she was Indy. She is well reviewed. I always wanted to try East Indian beauty. The only thing which stopped me was her age. She is so young for me (I am almost 60). To be frankly, I was afraid. I prefer woman 25-30 years old. But one day I was so proud of myself and decided to visit her. She was with Dream Makers that time. She met me with brilliant smile. Boys, I forgot about my fears. She is so innocent, dark and silky skin, natural D-cap… I hardly believed that she is SP. She is a girl from “One Thousand and One Nights”. I had remembered Scheherazade’s words, when she described beautiful woman:”The whole ounce of nut oil could be placed in her belly button…” Later I visited her once again. Unforgettable …
If I were younger, handsome, rich, and single I would immediately ask her to marry me. If my memory does not fail me, Pierre Bezukhov said to Natasha Rostova aproximately the same words, but he was rich at least (“War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy).
Kareena I will definitely see you soon. I am sure you remember me.

The best comment of my review made by oagre:

Wow! What a poetic way of describing Cum on Belly! I'm sure many guys reading this thread would like to place their "nut oil" in her bellybutton too!
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Beenthere123 said:
You got my vote Dr. thanks for and outstanding story.

Thanks a lot BT123,
Unfortunately English is not my mother tongue. Otherwise I would write a poem. I have tried but I think it is still early for me. Maybe in 10 years…
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theman said:
Dr. will welcome your reviews any time. Great reading material, think Mods will have a hard time not to choose your review as a winner.
Thank you themen.
I like to write about beautiful women with the literature manner without abbreviations like BBBJ, SOG1, SOG2, SOG3, CIM and so on. I understand that it is not an informative way, but I like to remain some mystery
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Wilsonjso said:
Great review Dr. I like your style, thanks for sharing it ;)
Thank you,
Guys with your help I have met beautiful women, but not only. I have improved my English.
Reading reviews is more interesting than reading newspapers with their crashes, catastrophes and killings. Writing reviews is more interesting than writing scientific papers. ;)
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mynameismo said:
Dr.Vastu said:
Writing reviews is more interesting than writing scientific papers. ;)

I hear you and there is no need to study for it you just sacrifice your member for an hour.
Of course we sacrifice our “members” for an hour or more, but it is always useful to study some thinks such as women’s behavior, our members’ behavior, to try to understand why we cum after 5 minutes of good BJ, why we are not able to control this process. Sexual ignorance is the largest sin of modern life.
If Kareena had opened an academy for women I would have opened an academy for men.
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