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Niagara Falls Katie @ Temptations 2x


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Nov 9, 2009
So I was recently in niagara falls for two weekends in a row and had the good fortune of seeing Katie @ Temptations on both of those trips. This is an outcall only agency but being that its niagara falls and anyone who is there for more than a day has a hotel room its not an issue. Booking with the agency was great and they are very easy to deal with. I guess the way the sp industry works in niagara is a bit different from toronto (although i've never used an outcall in toronto so i might be wrong). Basically you call them up and if the girl is on schedule they pick her up from her home (or wherever) and bring her too you. So unless she's just completed an appointment and is already in the car en route to wherever it will be about an 40mins to an hour before she arrives. No problems with that.

So I call and the young and very pretty Katie arrives to my hotel room. She was dressed in civies and it is winter so she was wearing a big jacket. Facially I thought this girl looks very very young. She comes in and we chit chat a bit and take care of business. It was when the clothes came off that I thought DAMN that's one smoking body on this girl. I mean she's tiny. But boy oh boy was she ever blessed with a great body. She has a very cute gnd face, a set of tits that just make you want to drool and a great little ass. It took a few minutes to get things going, you know chat and break the ice a bit but once we started kissing it was all on. Kissing was inbetween lk and dfk. It wasn't crazy swallow my tongue dfk but still lots of open mouth action.

Her bbbjtcim skills were amazing. For an sp that young she really knows what she's doing. The bj started off with me on my back (i know rookie mistake) but I quickly got up and finished with me standing on the bed with her on her knees. I wasn't sure if cim was available so i asked while she was in the middle of it and got a gargled uh huh (which was a yes cause she nodded up and down at the same time). So shot number one was a standing cim on the bed. After clean up we just chatted and cuddled for a bit.

After the little guy started awakening again it was back to more lk/dfk and arousal time for sog2. Quick bj to get things going then on comes the cover and the fun times began. This girl is tight. We did doggy. We did mish. We did cowgirl. We did standing side of the bed. We did sideways. We did reverse sideways. Christ i think i still feel the strain in my back from whatever position it was after that. Anyways i came in mish which is my favourite finishing move. I gotta say I was definitely a happy camper.

-one thing is that her hair is not red but more of a light brown, she said she had just coloured it to red prior to the pics on the site being taken but its now back to her normal colour

Looks: 7.5-8
Body: 8.5
Service: 9.5
Attitude: 10

This girl is a gem in a town where there isn't much going on sp wise. Definitely one of the few in niagara that seems like it would be a sure thing to have a good time with. Enjoy all you gambling, cross border shopping pervs.
Re: Katie @ Temptations 2x

4Times said:
Nice job PWF. I am tempted to make a road trip just for her. Am surprised at the BBBJ. I thought that everything west of Oakville was safe GFE. I have been down in that area and considered the agency before. Will follow through next time. $360 bones for 2 hours. Me like. 4X

Trust me when I say I wasn't expecting the bbbj let alone the cim. But I guess every once in a while you get pleasantly surprised. The only thing I didn't like about the first session with her was her east coast accent. I've never liked it. However, I got over it pretty quickly lol! By the second session I didn't care if she came in and spoke zulu cause I knew how much fun I was going to have!

One other point. I have seen another girl at this agency named Bailey and I had a good session with her. But after discussing with other hobbiests and mentioning this girl I was warned off. I guess I got lucky. If you want more info on Bailey PM me.
Great review PWF. I usually make my way out in the niagra region during spring/summer for their fun-under-the-sun wine tours, but the real fun won't begin till I'm sampling Katie's nectare.
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