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IN-Call Kenzi @ DM


Dec 7, 2009
Looks: 7/10
Service: 8.5/10
Repeat: No, but would recommend
Rate: $240/hr

Recently spent an hour with Kenzi. Facially cute, GND look, not what I generally go for, but I'm sure many will like her. Body-wise, photos are accurate. Very chatty, small-town girl, easy to get along with.

Quite aggressive in bed. Full GFE, pretty good kisser. BBBJ was quite good, with lots of DT. Quite vocal during FS. If you're looking for a wild session, Kenzi is for you.

Not much chemistry, so probably will not repeat, but would recommend her.

Location was a condo west of the downtown core.

To give others a frame of reference here is how I would rate her compared to other blonds I have seen (I included Tessa, though I heard she is a brunette now). I'm sure some will disagree with how I have rated the ladies:

Leslie @ Mystique/TOG
Ellen @ Maximum
Mady @ Sassy's
Tessa @ Mirage
Kenzi @ DM

Mady @ Sassy's
Tessa @ Mirage
Leslie @ Mystique/TOG, Kenzi @ DM, Ellen @ Maximum (tie)

Service (none are bad, I had a good time with all):
Leslie @ Mystique/TOG, Kenzi @ DM (tie)
Mady @ Sassy (could potentially rise with experience)
Ellen @ Maximum, Tessa @ Mirage (tie)

If you're looking for a softer, more sensual experience I would recommend Ellen; Leslie, Mady and Kenzi are much wilder, closer to PSE.
forestgrumpy said:
Thanks SOTB what would you say caused the no chemistry I had a similar session with a SP and it was a downer with the chemistry part.

I don't know. Can't say there's anything in particular which causes it. I still had a nice time, but wouldn't go see her again. Sometimes I just go into a session and I click right away with the girl both personality and sexually.

She's good at what she does and is eager to please, which is why I said I would recommend her, just wouldn't repeat.
Sometimes, you're in the mood for a softer, more intimate experience instead of the wild-monkey-sex-on-the-ceiling.

I got to meet Kenzi while leaving from my appointment with Alena, and have been wanting to check her out. She's definitely cute, think of Naomi Watts but younger.

Incidently, if you are looking for a more sensual experience with a small blonde, Alena would be the way to go.
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