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IN-Call Kirk's POV Review: Charity @ TOG

Kirk Lazarus

Dec 1, 2009
I've seen Charity on several occasions and have enjoyed her company despite the fact that some clients have given her so-so reviews because she is too chatty and/or too restrictive. I am writing a review on Charity help anyone who hasn't seen her to get a better picture and be able to book her with a reasonable set of expectations. I believe that your expectations going into a session is a big part of determining how much you enjoy the session.

I booked Charity through TOG since Mystique doesn't seem to be actively involved in booking or advertising any longer. Their only presence it seems is their website. As mentioned in previous posts, Mark of TOG is pretty abrupt in answering the phone, but he gets the booking done properly. Hey, I'm not calling him to be his friend, I want to make a booking, but there is a point in that a more personable phone person would likely give TOG a better customer service reputation and probably more goodwill.

The location is in a nice and clean condo building. The unit itself is spacious, but really only suitable for one girl. There is an additional room/den without any doors that I think is used for a 2nd girl and only a space divider is put up for privacy...I would not like to have a session in that room. Luckily for me, Charity and I had the real bedroom with ensuite bathroom. On a side note, the 2nd girl I saw in that condo turned out to be Amy, who is now an independent named Kayleigh Carter.

Okay, enough of the agency and the location...on to Charity. Charity greets me at the door in a nonchalant way as usual. She is not a sexy girl in that she will seduce you or make you believe that she is your girlfriend for that 1 hour. What you see is what you get - and what you get for the price of admission is 1 hour with a young small town girl with a nice body, chatty personality, and a bang.

After some chatting and quick shower, I head to the bed where we chat some more. Note to you guys - she can talk to you for a good length of time if you let her. It's not that she is stalling for time, but that she loves to talk. You will have to be the man here and take the lead to start the session.

Foreplay consists of a lot of caressing and her massaging, but only very lfk, almost pecks on the lip. She is receptive to digits and daty. Her kitty is nicely shaved, has smooth white skin. Her face is hard to describe, but is a typical all-Canadian girl next door and very youthful. Her breasts are nice and full and her best asset. I had to be gentle in playing with them with my hands and mouth, because she is sensitive there. Once I squeezed them too hard to her liking, so she squeezed my tits back saying, "how do you like that?". That was a pretty funny response from her so I just laughed it off, but it turned me on for some reason which resulted me in banging her harder.

Her bbbj w/bls is fairly good. Not too soft and not too hard. She will go at it until you ask her to stop. I then asked for a jimmy and for her to ride me. She gets into CG position and sort of lies on top of me with her head buried in my shoulders all the while thrusting up and down. I like this position because I can hold her very close to me and feel her body and lovely milky white boobs against my chest. We alternate between me and her doing the thrusting. Charity is very tight, so lots of lube is required and she is very vocal about the whole thing...which I like.

We switched to missionary where I worked away with some lfk and sucking on her breasts (gently, because she is sensitive there) while she is moaning, screaming, her face grimacing in ecstasy (I think), clinching her fists, clinching the bed sheets and pillow, squeezing my arms, running her hands through my hair and grabbing anything that she can hold on to. This is one of the things I like about Charity in that she is very expressive. We switched to several positions include doggie, spooning, jockey, etc. The whole time the action was vigorous and Charity remaining expressive facially and vocally. She is very tight, but I managed to last for some time before I unloaded in the condom in missionary with sweat drenching the both of us. We talked for a bit before I took my shower and on my way out.

If you are looking for a sexy and seductive girl who will give you a fantasy that she is your girlfriend, Charity is not your choice. However, if you are looking for a romp in the sack with a young, cute small town Canadian girl with a nice body, I would recommend.

Face: 7.8 (cute all Canadian small town girl look)

Body: 8 (smooth white skin, her breasts are her best asset even though they may be sensitive at times)

Service 7: (mpos, msog, bbbj, digits, daty, but no dfk and very light lfk)

Attitude: 9 (I give her this high mark and some I am sure will disagree because she is very a matter of fact gal. However, I get along with her well and what you see is what you get in terms of her personality...nice and simple).

Repeat: Yes - I have during the past year

Recommend: Yes, but only for the reasons mentioned above. If you you are going in expecting to be romanced, look somewhere else.
Re: Charity @ TOG

Re: Charity @ TOG

Saw her a while ago. She seemed distant and we lacked chemistry. For me it seemed like she was just going through the motions, but was really not into the session at all. It did not feel like a GFE at all. No repeat for me.

Re: Charity @ TOG

Re: Charity @ TOG

Quote: If you are looking for a sexy and seductive girl who will give you a fantasy that she is your girlfriend, Charity is not your choice. However, if you are looking for a romp in the sack with a young, cute small town Canadian girl with a nice body, I would recommend.

Thanks KR for your good review and for providing us with options.

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