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IN-Call Kirk's POV Review: Ellen @ Maximum Pleasure

Kirk Lazarus

Dec 1, 2009
What an unsexy name - that's about the only bad thing I can say about Ellen.

Ellen is another spinner that I have recently seen. Standing at 5'4, weighing in at 105lbs, dirty blonde hair, green eyes, cute GND face, slim body - she is just my type of girl.

I was greeted by her at a hotel downtown with a big smile. Ellen has the sweet innocent look to her that I would have not guessed that she was in this business if I met her at a bar. Dressed in tight jeans and a flannel shirt that was slightly opened and falling off to one side of her shoulder, Ellen looked so adorable. We talked for a bit to break the ice before I took a shower. I came back and Ellen was sitting on the bed still in her clothes and waiting for me with a smile stretching from ear to ear. Did I say how adorable she is?

We talked for a bit more, but then her hands started to wander and caress my body. She made the first move and leaned in for a kiss on the lips, leading to lfk and then to dfk while cradling my head in both of her hands. I then slowly peeled off her clothing and continued to dfk...this girl loves the dfk. With her panties still on, I caressed her kitty from the outside and could feel the moisture oozing through the panties. Wow, Ellen was getting really wet. Not wanting to waste any of the nectar being soaked into the panties, I quickly took them off and made my way down to the fruit for some daty and digits. Ellen was loving it as demonstrated by her hip movements and moans. After satisfying my thirst for the nectar, she returned the favour and gave me a nice bbbj. There was nothing special about the bbbj, but it sure felt good. The site of a cute girl taking my manhood in her mouth accompanied by muffled moans is stuff dreams are made of.

When Ellen came up for air, we kissed some more before I wrapped up Kirk Jr. and played him around her outer kitty lips until she told me to "just put it inside me." Okay, I wasn't going to protest to that demand, so slowly slide inside her. As expected with a petite girl, it was very snug inside her. I started slowly in missionary and gradually picked up the pace. As the pace quickened, her legs wrapped around me tighter and her whisper-soft moans became load moans, which then transformed into dirty talk! Oh boy, this girl is more than meets the eye!

We then switched to cg where she squatted up and down on Kirk Jr. with our bodies slapping against each other on every downward motion. She did not make eye contact with me the whole time in cg...she was too busy looking at Kirk Jr. going in and out and playing with her kitty. What a horny girl. Having Ellen do all the work in cg, I was able to catch my breath and was now ready for the stretch run. I asked her to switch to doggie where she got on all fours and stuck her tiny hiny way up in the air. I started to bury the bone in doggie and alternated in squeezing her butt cheeks and slapping them. While she grabbed a pillow and sunk her face into the pillow, I increased the piston action. At the same time that she was repeatedly saying OMG OMG OMG, I tried to bury my bone deeper and deeper until I popped.

We still had a few minutes left in my 1 hour appoint, so I just laid there while she cuddled close to me and resting her head on my chest. Ellen is a very friendly and affectionate girl. I could have mistaken this session for a romp in the sack with my girlfriend because she is so sweet and affectionate with moments of dirty talk.

I really enjoyed my time with Ellen and would recommend for those looking for a young spinner. I would repeat.
Re: Ellen @ Maximum Pleasure - an unsexy name

Re: Ellen @ Maximum Pleasure - an unsexy name

Great review KL. This girl has been on my TDL since I saw her pics. Must make time to see this one.
Re: Ellen @ Maximum Pleasure - an unsexy name

Re: Ellen @ Maximum Pleasure - an unsexy name

Thanks for the review, I've been contemplating about seeing Ellen for a while now but with this I'll probably take the plunge.
Re: Ellen @ Maximum Pleasure - an unsexy name

Re: Ellen @ Maximum Pleasure - an unsexy name

king21 said:
Good review KL, I like cute girls, especially spinners!

I've never used Maximum pleasure, maybe its time that I started!
Yeah, Maximum is a please to deal with. Justin's pretty cool to deal with on the phone.

toocooldude said:
Another awesome review Kirk, more coming?
Yup, more on the way for sure! Ellen's review and Leslie's review are my first 2 reviews of these ladies exclusive to this board for now. I'm planning on updating previous reviews from other sites and putting them here, and there are a couple of ladies I plan to see and review soon.

Beenthere123 said:
Awesome review Kirk, just saw her picks WHAT an ass :)
Hope you are not calling me an ass for seeing her ;) Just kidding. Yes, what an ass indeed! I buried my face in that ass and loved it.

Her pics make her look very sultry and sexy, but in person, she is more of an adorable GND with a naughty side when she warms up.
4Times said:
Couldn't say PWF. Those max Pleasure girls are out of towners and show up every now and then. I am waiting for a couple of their ladies to return. I guess i would add Ellen to that list too.

The last time I talked to Maximum (back in January), phone guy told me she was taking a break, might be back in a couple of months. Hopefully she does, I had a good time the three times I saw her.
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