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Out-Call Kirk's POV Review: Hope @ Cupids

Kirk Lazarus

Dec 1, 2009
Take a look at the set of these:

Yes, they are real!

I called Tristan for a booking and arrangements were made without any hassle. About 15 minutes before the scheduled time, I received a call from Cupids saying that she would be 15 minutes late due to traffic. The advanced notice of the delayed arrival time was appreciated. I find that Cupids is very good with scheduling and its a good reflection on management and the girls.

I finally hear a knock on my door and went to open it. I love the feeling of anticipation when I'm walking to the door and not knowing what the girl looks's like a blind date except that sex on the "first date" is guaranteed! I opened the door and see an all-Canadian blond standing there...I was not disappointed. With hardly any make-up, she has a GND look. We talked for a bit about a bunch of things including her career goals and her tattoos. She is a cool girl and easy to talk to. The conversation was natural and did not seem forced. Hope excused herself to the washroom to freshen before we headed into the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, she took off her dress to unveil the puppies. OMG! Her breasts were fulsome, defied gravity and were topped off by nipples the size of cherries. I have never seen nipples of this size in my life, so I just had to indulge by nibbling, sucking, licking and making out with Hope's nipples, and running them across my face like rubbing an eraser across a piece of paper and trying to poke my eyes with her nipples.

From Hope's purring, it seemed like she was receptive to my attention. After devoting my full attention to her breasts, I realized that I was being rude and did not pay attention to Hope's other body parts, so I started to caress her face and started some dfk while letting my hands wander through her bodyscape, which always inevitably ended up at the peak of her mount rushmores. I slowly moved my lips away from her lips and down through the valley between her breasts, through her fairly flat stomach and arriving at the promised land where some daty was undertaken, which Hope was very receptive to.

We then switched and I asked her for a cbj. I didn't ask for bbbj or let her initiate bbbj, so cannot tell you if that was available. Her cbj was very good with a lot of suction and alternated with short spans of bls. I was ready to hit the main course and asked her to get on top in CG so I can further witness the spectacular boobs bounce up and down and continue my massage of her perfect breasts and nipples. We then switched to missionary with mutual moans being exchanged between us for several minutes before I finished. We both laid on our backs in exhaustion and made some small talk while I caught my breath and tried to snap back to reality.

The hour was up, so Hope went to clean up and got ready to leave. Before she went to the washroom, she even offered to get me a towel for me to clean thoughtful. I find that 1 hr with Cupids ladies is never enough and that a 1.5 hr session is ideal because the ones that I have met from Cupids are so outgoing and engaging that I easily lose track of time.

Face: 7.5 (attractive GND look with golden locks)

Body: 9 (My preference is for spinners, but I will make the exception with Hope because of those beautiful breasts and nipples)

Service: 8.5 (GFE items including dfk, digits, daty. Did not inquire about bbbj)
Re: Kirk's POV Review: Hope @ Cupids

clintE said:
Great review Kirk, nice bazookas :!: , love them nipples :eek:

Are they real?

From the pics, it seem tgtbt, but upon close inspection with my eyes, hands, lips and tongue, I confirm that they are 1,000% real. :cool:
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