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Out-Call Kirk's POV Review: Taylor @ Cupids

Kirk Lazarus

Dec 1, 2009
I noticed that Cupids has recently added several fine looking lasses to the roster and realized that I had fallen behind on meeting the new recruits. Well, I said to myself, I better start working through the roster. The first young lady on my Cupids TDL is Taylor. Her review is below.

From the pics and description on Cupid's website, Taylor looks like my type...young, 5'3" - 110lbs - 34B*24*34 - naughty :cool: .

After booking with Cupids earlier in the day, did some preparations for the encounter later in the evening. Went to grocery store to stock up with different types of 1-serving drinks (to make sure that the lady is comfortable in knowing that the drink is opened in front of her), cleaned the place (a side benefit to booking outcalls is it forces me to clean my place, including making the bed), hit the steamroom, took a shower, and a few push-ups and chin-ups to tighten the body. After all that, I relaxed and watched some of the joys of an outcall is the anticipation of a hot girl coming to the door.

Knock knock knock...Taylor has arrived. Even though I know that its Taylor, I still look through the peephole to see who it is. Again, just another thing that adds to the excitement of the rendez-vous. Through the peephole, I see a young lady with flowing blonde locks. That's time to waste, so I quickly opened the door and ushered her into my den of luv.

Cheerfully, Taylor introduces herself with a huge smile and a hug. First impression is that she is very outgoing and cheerful girl. Taylor is a hot 22 year old with shoulder length blonde hair. She doesn't remind me of any person in particular, but see her fitting in as a cheerleader in school or the hot partygirl or hostess at a club. Her face can be described as have sharp and angled features, which I like.

After breaking the ice with some chatter and a drink, Taylor says, let's go to the bedroom. Wow, this girl takes charge. I like, I like. As soon as we get into the bedroom, she immediately undresses to reveal her awesome body. What you see on the website is what you will see in person + a couple of tattoos sprinkled on her body for good measure. We started out with dfk for a few minutes. I was really enjoying it as she was very good at it. After some foreplay and exploring her body, I asked for a bj which she happily obliged. The technique was pretty good with some dt. After a few minutes of that, we got to the main event which consisted of CG, Mish, Side and back to Mish. Taylor was very vocal about how good it felt and kept constant eye contact. Her eyes would occasionally roll-back as if to signify that she was in ecstasy. Whether she was acting or not, she had me convinced that she was loving that's hot. After I finished, we laid there and talked for a few moments before my time was up. Although Taylor has just started, she just seemed so comfortable that it felt so natural to spend time with her. Like other ladies at Cupids, an hour with a Cupid girl always seems so short because they are so interesting to talk to (i.e. they have personalities and have interesting lives outside this industry).

Overall, I had a great time with Taylor who has a hot face (IMHO), great outgoing personality all at a GFE level. I would repeat, but not before seeing the other ladies on Cupid's roster. I have Kayden, Bettie, Eden, Collette and Parker (and repeat with Blair when she comes back) in my sights.
Re: Kirk's POV Review: Taylor @ Cupids

jiggyjiggy said:
KL I must ask, is her ass as delicious looking in person as it shows in her pics? Excellent review BTW.

I am not much of a bum-man (more so of a face-man myself), so did not pay much attention to her bum, but it looks pretty much the same in person as in the pics from what I recall.
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