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IN-Call Kirk's POV Review: Vicky @ Mirage

Kirk Lazarus

Dec 1, 2009
I also saw Vicky during her recent visit to Toronto.


She has a tight & toned body with firm breasts, hard & compact bum, and a light tan and smooth skin all over. She has an okay GND face, but nothing I would gawk at if I saw her on the street. She is young and looks her age, but I was not a fan. Her face is not my type. Pretty average looking and I wouldn't say cute either. Just my subjective opinion. Her body would be an 8.6 and her face would be a 7 in my books. While showering, I could not wait to get in on with this tight much so that Kirk Jr. was already standing at attention.

She is very responsive to nipple licking and outside digit play. Digits inside were not allowed...maybe ymmv thing. She is tight and very responsive in missionary, doggie and cg. When I started going too fast and hard, she did ask for me to slow down, which is fine with me. Her facial expressions during the action showed that she was enjoying it and not faking it. Finished with COB as facial was not allowed either.

She is a friendly girl, talkative, good English (way better than my French). Overall, it was a good session but I would not repeat b/c I wasn't that attracted to her.
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