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Nov 9, 2009
OK so on the other board I've been telling guys about this agency. Brand new, started mid Feb and has no website. They are advertising with word of mouth only, and he claims the phone is ringing off the hook. It's a 24hr service and rate is $160 for outcalls (the agency takes 50% from this so the girl is only making $80 for the hour at this point). Then you and the girl have to negotiate a price for said session.

I was contacted VERY early Mon morning (130am and 230am) by the "pimp". I usually hate this word, but he actually embodies most things that come with it. A 25 year old guy who apparently has a networking administration degree and he laughed at me for calling him. Since he contacted me I figured he knew who I was. WRONG.

They have no incall location. So I told him that I make more for my hour rate incall then a girl does outcall rate. More laughing from his end. He said my site was shit for not having flash to see the pics. This was of course after I said I even had a site which he did not bother to look at.

He then threatened me saying one of these days I'm going to get unlucky and going to get hurt by a client. They were safe to use because they are an agency. So sending a girl to a guy that doesn't even know what to pay for is safer than having a known incall location and a business where you know what you're getting.

He still texted me (must be SO busy) and joked that I should work for him. I tried to ask who he has working for them but he refused (how does he book if no one gets the name?). I joked back that I didn't want my rep to be known with his. He sent this back:

"Ur rep? ...I've never even heard of you- also I don't get why you try to make it sound sophisticated by calling them indies - they are hookers..."

Then more proceeded with how I was an uneducated whore and he's seen many like me come and go. That he wants me to be his friend yet take my money too.....
Mineshaft said:
Truer words were never spoken. He doesn't have a website so obviously it does not exist hehe.

Yeah, as of now I'm trying to report him to LE. There is an article from the Montreal gazette that seemed to peak a fellow SPs interest. I was talking with an escort from Montreal, and she thinks it's the same guy.

I was on the phone with her (she called me from Montreal to get more details) and right away she called the local police. She told them his number and location, and then encouraged me to do the same.
I have been trying to get a hold of the officer that helps SPs in situations like this, but she isn't around til next week.

Whatever the case is, whether the guy gave me too much info of the wrong person and is digging himself a big hole, or it really is him and I may have helped.

Either way the guy I talked to was a complete ass towards his girls and has no respect for anyone in the industry. His ad can still be found on CL from March 15th.


He is arrested after turning himself in.

I'm happy the real guy is caught, but I would steer clear of this agency due to the LE having interest in what they do now. I didn't actually report anything to any police (just a gut feeling I didn't want to be involved in case I was wrong about the actual person), but I had a friend run the number and they know where "ryan" is now. So this is my heads up to anyone who was thinking of using them.

I started this thread just to let you know the cost, how he treats his ladies, and the possibility of minors working for him. I don't want guys coming back on me because they think I was trying to ruin a 'business' in fear it was my competition.
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