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IN-Call Korean Min is Beautiful Looking


Dec 1, 2009
Korean Min used to be known as Cutie Kyra. Korean Min has been mentioned here on HUBGFE in the sps with the prettiest faces thread. I can certainly attest to the fact that KM has a beautiful face among other things. I'm an average looking white guy in my late 40's who occasionally gets Asian fever.

I've seen Korean Min twice in February 2009 and May 2009 when she was known as Cutie Kyra. As of February 2010 Korean Min is still in the business and advertises exclusively on TRZ. The following review is from May 2009.

Too take this review from the top. I called the phone guy. He was very nice to me on the phone. Arrangements were easily made and I got to meet the beautiful Kyra this afternoon for an hour of bliss. The location was a nice downtown condo in the Bay/College area.

The phone guy was in the other room but was very quiet and discreet. I had no problem with him whatsoever.

Now on to the main event. Kyra greets me at the door in a sexy negligee. What a beauty. I would give her face a 9.5/10 and her body a 9/10. Kyra is very thin and muscular. Just the way I like it. To me her willowy, lithe body is a true work of art.

Her face is gorgeous. Kyra has a delicate dainty nose and nice pearly white teeth and really kissable lips. Her hair was up in a bun and she literally took my breathe away.

Before everybody cries shill there were a few minor problems in my hour encounter with Kyra. However what's the expression? All in good time.

So we go into the bedroom and Kyra runs a shower for me. She then said I'll be joining you in the shower. She said is that OK? This is only the second time that I've ever taken a shower with an sp. It was amazing as Kyra washed me all over. I felt like a king!

We then proceed to the bedroom where a lot of DFK occurs. What a turn on. As I mentioned earlier Kyra has very kissable lips.

I made one bad mistake that almost ruined things for me. I have to learn how to DFK an sp softer. Thank goodness Kyra told me to slow down a bit. We must have done DFK for about 10 minutes. It was electric.

I think we had some pretty good chemistry. Then Kyra starts giving me a CBJ which was pretty good. I knew going in that Kyra did CBJ so no surprise there. Kyra then got on top of me for some CG. Then we switched to mish then I finally blew a huge load during Doggy. I just couldn't hold out any longer. SOG 1 was really amazing.

Kyra then wiped off WinslowJR and started to give me a nice massage. The massage was quite well done. Then I started to DFK her again. She then gave me another CBJ.

I tried to have sex with her again but WinslowJR wasn't co-operating. I finally settled for a very erotic HJ with Kyra applying some nice lube to winslowJR. I wound up shooting another big load for SOG 2 as well.

Overall, I had a very nice time with Kyra. Here are just a couple of negative points. We had absolutely no conversation at all. Maybe in hindsight that might have been a good thing.

Another small point is Kyra's limited menu. No digits allowed, but daty is encouraged. However I chose not to partake as I'm not a big DATY guy.

Another problem was the CBJ. However I knew this going in and everything else about Kyra was so outstanding so this part can IMHO may be overlooked. Thus I would classify Kyra as a safe GFE with some DFK thrown into the mix.

I would be gentle with Kyra as she is a very delicate, classy and polite sp. IMHO, you'll get better mileage from Kyra by being polite as opposed to being too aggressive. Just my opinion.

I would recommend Kyra to all the members of HUBGFE with a few caveats. If you don't like thin sps, cbjs, no digits, or small A cups then don't see Kyra. I know that's a lot of caveats:).

However if you want to see a hot spinner with a beautiful face and a sweet disposition then Kyra could be the sp for you?
Lone Wolf said:
I am willing to sacrifice a little service for a beautiful face, so I may try to see her.

Do you agree that she is in her early 20's, as posted in her bio (22) ?

LW here's the situation with Korean Min IMHO. I find that as a white guy it's impossible for me to tell the real age of an Asian sp. Similar to the excellent review that Olayda wrote the other day when he jokingly stated that the age of the Asian sp he saw was somewhere between 19 and 60:lol:.

I would say that KM must be in her late 30's to early 40's if I was to hazard a guess? She's certainly nowhere close to 22. What's interesting about KM is her perfect body. She could be a fitness model that could grace the cover of a health magazine.

KM has total washboard abs and perfect breasts and of course a beautiful face. KM used to be one of the superstar sps on the other board until a couple of reviewers said she was too thin. From what I heard KM got very offended and no longer advertises on that other board. I guess some sps do in fact read their own board reviews?

Hope this helps?
Nice review Winslow, although I do like them curvy I have been known to venture into sessions with the spinner type ladies. Thank you for the info she sounds fun.
Rayden said:
Nice review Winslow, although I do like them curvy I have been known to venture into sessions with the spinner type ladies. Thank you for the info she sounds fun.

Thanks Rayden. What I really like about KM is that she takes a shower with you before and after the session. Just looking at KM's naked body in the shower is almost worth the price of admission itself:razz:.
Smooth said:
Thank you Winslow, I too love them slim. I am a younger guy, I prefer the ladies on the younger side, what would you say her age is approximately?

Late 30's to early 40's but I could be wrong? However KM has the body of a woman in her early 20's. Her face also looks very young as well. KM is a beautiful well preserved woman no doubt about that.
jagger said:
Excellent review once again Winslow saw her pictures and Wow, her titties look kind of small. Would you say site is correct at 33b?

Yeah that's about right. Her titties are perfectly proportional to the rest of her body if that makes any sense?
I'm thinking of seeing her. I'm pretty sure she works in the same location as one of my faves, Korean Juel. In fact Juel has suggested I see her "best friend" on numerous occasions. It kind of makes me laugh that I've rogered Juel numerous times in the same location as the infamous Kyra/Min.
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