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Apr 5, 2010
I met her one week ago (end of April 2010) in downtown Toronto. The place was great and easy to access. It was a little bit hard to book and I had to reschedule once but it was worthy

The pictures are accurate and she looks just amazing. However, I have never feel a little bit of spark. She wanted really to please me a lot.

She has amazing boobs. There is no scar and they look nearly natural. No tattoos as I remember and her body is really firm.

After the shower, we started the business. Her BBBJ technic is incredible. She wanted to try a lot of positions always thinking about pleasing me. The doggie style in front of the mirror was something.

I was really tired but she managed to make me feel better. Between the two rounds, we spoke together a bit and she seems to know a lot about Toronto. She told me about some stuff I didn't know and even if I am a newcomer I was able to advise her some nice places to go.

Junior was happy at the end of the session and I was broken.

I won't meet her again for now but really I would recommend her. She is someone to meet.

Face: 7
Body: 9
Service: 7.5 (-1 because Greek is not provided)- I am sure this should be higher. Just look at the other review. I was so tired. I wasn't able to enjoy being with her as I should have.
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