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Barrie-Northern Krystelle, I Won My Prize


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Dec 7, 2009
:D Yes yes after all the wasted time I invested waiting for her she finally came through. If she was an sp that I had to pay for I would have been long gone, but because she was a gift so to say I couldn't really let her go. This is the only way a dirty old guy like me is going to get to be with a hot sexy young ass like hers. She really needs better time management skills in scheduling her appointments and taking her calls. From what I have seen and experienced from her I don't know how she manages her days and clients. Anyway we kissed and made up and she repaid me back in "ACES". She is really good at what she dose and enjoys it very much and so did I. I could still taste her when I went to bed!!!!! Anyway I don't think you need the details as you all know what we did. I may try to see her again.
Re: Krystelle, I Won My Prize

She is awesome, I seen her when she was in Toronto. Glad to see your prize came through, sweet when it's free and the lady is hot and good. ;)
Re: Krystelle, I Won My Prize

Finally gudnite!! Glad you had a good time. I don't think I'll try to see her based on her time management skills...maybe if it gets better.
Re: Krystelle, I Won My Prize

I never had the pleasure of seeing her but 4X says she's great. I'd go and see her if she ever visits T.O but not willing to take the drive up north.
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