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Barrie-Northern Krystelle's SANTA HAT Special!

Re: Krystelle's SANTA HAT Special!

I just read sarg's post on Krystelle being sick over the holidays that sucks hope your feeling better soon most guys on hear forget that your a regular person like everyone else too take your time and get feeling better Dumbassdingo
Re: Krystelle's SANTA HAT Special!

We apologize for the delay about this contest.

Here are the lucky members

#1. Slippery

#2. Gudnite

#3. Gwwsc

Winners please Pm Krstelle for more information.

Re: Krystelle's SANTA HAT Special!

just to put this out there..if any of the lucky happens to be incapable of fulfilling their arrangement... I am volunteering to take their place :)
Re: Krystelle's SANTA HAT Special!

happy new year everyone! sorry for the delay on my little draw. congratulations to the winners, i cant wait to share your prize with you :D . again sorry for the delay, and thanks for understanding, i was pretty sick, and wasnt really around a computer either. congrats guys, sorry to the ones who didnt win, i will cross my fingers for you for next year. bye for now. xoxo.

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