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IN-Call Latika (Now Mirage): A dream come true


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Nov 10, 2009
I saw Latika in early October when she was with The Office agency, here is the review:

I am sure all of us here know that feeling you get when a girl opens the door and everything you anticapated about her is true...she looks just as good as her photos and her attitude in bed is as good as you could ever hope for. Well I had that today with the SIREN that is Latika.

I open the door and she greets me with a sexy bra hugging her gorgeous breasts, nice dainty stockings, and .... no bottoms! She has cut her hair recently but is very stylish and I was mezmerized by how hot and sexy she is. This godess greeted me with a big smile and after a bit of talking she mentioned how it's been a few days since she has had any...and she really wants to get some NOW.

I was really excited, first she gave me some great BBBJ with lots of saliva, and some great DT with this tongue technique that was just heaven, sublime. Having her look in your eyes as she does it was unbelievable. Let me state the obvious gentleman: If you like what you see on the web site...than you cannot possibly be dissappointed by Latika...She is one of the most feminine kitty kats I have ever met and is up there with very few others as the prettiest girls I've met in the biz. Her curves are just plain stupid (in a good way), Her bum is delectable and DATY was unreal I wanted to stay there all day. After BBBJ and DATY she was really hot and moist and we put the cover on. I was so hot right now I knew lasting long would be a challenge. She climbed on top in CG and we took turns taking control...she has this awesome ability of flexing her vaginal muscles to squeeze you extra tight. I alternated DFK with her and paying attention to her amazing breasts through out. Then I could hold out no more and a long and very pleasurable SOG 1 released.

We talked a bit she is such a fun girl...makes you want to go away with her for a week and just have sex 5 X a day. She wanted me in her again and began another BBBJ, while I was playing with her kitty with digits and pleasuring her that way. This is where my junior began causing problem for me again. Just as I got hard and we put on another condom...he betrayed me and went limp.

This is the 4th time in recent memory that is has happened to me and, I have no problems outting this out here for 2 reasons.

1) Hopefully someone here has some info that can get me some answers and
2) I want my old junior back!!!

I am still in my early 30s and this technical difficulty is relatively new and troublesome to me. SOG 1 was never a problem but SOG 2, I just feel numb and desensitized and I am not sure If I should have waited 10 minutes or so or wheter it would have made a differrence. It was so painful watching a pure GODESS like Latika wanting me in her again and getting lift off. She went over and above the call of duty pleasing me again and again trying to get it back up but it want meant to be this time. She is so cool though, I promised her I will have to see her again very soon and I will...that is how hot this lady is.

Anyway, long story short LATIKA will take your breath away with her stunning exotic beauty, and her fun and super sexy attitude. An ATF for me for sure.
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