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IN-Call Layla @ RM...sigh


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Jan 5, 2010
It has all been said about this angel, but only once on this board ( excellent review by BT123 )

The other day I had a booked an appointment with an SP I had seen before and really liked, but she cancelled at the last minute telling me she had eaten some bad seafood - likely story.
I looked down and noticed that my balls were turning a distinct colour of blue so thought I would take a chance with Roomates. Turns out Layla was working. I had never seen her and didn't know a lot about her,but thought I'd roll the dice. Booking was super easy and in no time I was down at the downtown condo being buzzed up at exactly the arranged time.

I was pretty nervous as I didn't know what to expect. Layla answered the door in sexy black lingerie and I relaxed immediately. She is an absolutely beautiful girl with olive skin,dark brown doe eyes,big pouty lips and well, a huge set of cans. She kissed me on both cheeks and we went to the bedroom where the kissing intensified. It is rare to find a woman with huge natural tits who isn't at least chubby if not BBW. Layla is about 5'3" with a slim waist small frame and nice ass. If you saw her on the street in a tight shirt you would turn,stare,crash your car into a lamp post and keep staring.

I had a quick shower and returned to find her waiting in a sexy bra and panty set. She took off my towel to dry my back then turned me around for more DFK while my enthusiastic hard on poked away at her stomach. I then sat on the bed and watched as she reached around to unhook her bra. All I could think was 'release the prisoners!'. Release them she did and these beauties tumbled out with a soft heavy bounce. Holy Mother of God what a set ( I happen to be a breast man if you were wondering). We talked about them for a bit. I asked if she could suck her nipples. She said "sure I can" and gave me a bit of a show.

The great thing about Layla is that she knows she's got some serious weapons and she made good use of them in all the action that followed: kneeling BBBJ/DT in front of the mirror pulling one arm behind her back so I got a nice view of the twins. Leaning forward just enough during CG so those lovelies were literally slapping me in the face. Making sure she was on hands not elbows during doggie so her juggs had room to dance or making sure they brushed up and down against my thigh as I lay down for fantastic BBBJ/BLS

We started with her kneeling in front of me. Great bbbj skills with valiant no hands DT although after seeing Sophie it's pretty hard to compare. I was fondling the softness of her heavy hanging breasts until she looked up at me and said "do you want me to lie on my back?". Uh...sure..OK. She lay down for Russian, squeezing them together. What a sensation. Sometimes I couldn't even see the little guy deep in the valley, but I knew he was there when he slipped in and out of her lips. Needless to say a little bit later she ended up with about 1/2 cup of man milk on her tits which I graciously cleaned up with a warm towel.

1st SOG 10 minutes in.. D'oh! And I'm not ususally a 2 SOG guy. We lay back and chatted about life,love,exercise, and how all guys are pretty much assholes (except me of course ). Layla is super sweet and friendly, a little bit shy and just a lovely girl. I could have cuddled for hours. I told her I was usually 1 SOG,but she thought we should give #2 a try. She gave a nice massage then turned me over for lubed HJ, kissed my chest,nipples and stomach - BLS with HJ and I was ready to shoot some pool. CG was a sight as I described. Switched to Doggie where I realized - stop staring at her breasts, she's got a great ass.

Finished with a wet sloppy BBBJ which she has been praised for in previous reviews. No CIM, but I was just so pumped to have a 2nd shot as she jerked me off for the final few seconds. What an angel. More chit chat, fondling and some genuine laughter followed until it was time to go. I left with a big smile on my face realising that my TDL would never shrink - I'm definitely going to have to see this beauty again

Thanks Layla, you are a real gem
Re: Layla @ RM...sigh

Another nice review olayda. You've been a busy boy!! She certainly looks like she has a smokin' bod...great looking naturals and a slap-hap-able booty...Rayden, get on it my friend!
Re: Layla @ RM...sigh

olayda Great review!! Wow.. if your a a boob man this girls sounds like she can deliver.. soon the girls at Roommates will get to know you as the Milk Man! :)
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