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Feb 8, 2010
Booked a session with Leanne fairly recently. Overall, fun afternoon romp. She's got a young, pretty face, guessing early 20's, slim petite body, couple of tattoos etc. One thing that might put off some guys is her non-stop chatter. Girl's defintely got a bouncy bouncy personality. Only way I could seem to shut her up was by unbuckling my Levi's and sticking my cock in her mouth :). Joshing aside, very nice girl, just needs to learn when to dial-it-down a bit. Service wise, most goodies on the menu were offered and eagerly accepted dfk, dt/bbbjtcim, bls, daty, digits (front & rear) etc. Highlight was sitting at the edge of the bed, her kneeling on all fours sucking my cock, while I face-fucked her till I dropped a hot load in her mouth, YMMV. Bonus, she's wears a tongue ring. As soon as the dirty deed was done, she skipped over to the bathroom to freshen-up, came back out, thanked her, walked to her to the door, the end. Although menu was fairly expansive, didn't real 'click' with her. More than likely will not repeat.
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