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IN-Call Lina @TGF


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Mar 5, 2010
Been unlucky with SPs lately and was hoping for a better experience and base on DapperD's review in February, I decided to give Lina a try.

Went to the incall location, and showered. Donation was given to her after she asked for it.
Lady is a cutie, not a spinner, but a thick girl (not fat).
We met on the bed where she was already naked. Started some LFK (no DFK) and was then asked "if I was ready to have some fun". Next to my surprise, she reached for the cover and proceeded with a CBJ (one of the worst) but luckily for me only lasted a few minutes. She asked to switch to doggie which I obliged since I felt myself getting soft from the CBJ. FS (MPOS) was good cuz she was real tight even though she applied lubrication. 1st release was within the first hh. Got cleaned up and returned for some chit chat ... which continued until the end of my session. Even during our session she was at arm's length away ... not very intimate at all. Upon my exit, she gave me a hug and said "Hope you had a good time". (I did not reply).

My experience was quite different for DapperD's (This may be a case of YMMV).
Body - Thick girl, small A's ('bout to receive manmades next week)
Repeat - No
Service - Not worth the $$$
(The CBJ was such a let down considering the BBBJ was raved by DapperD)
Thanks Frank. Very nice and honest review.

YMMV does not always reflect on the client. These girls have their bad days too.
Looking forward to your next adventure
About her manmades, I told her the same thing as you but she express that she was doing it for herself and her own self esteem which is a valid reason.

I do need to get out of this funk I am in. My next session will be either with London, Natalia, or Kareena (Entourage). Always seem to get great sessions with them.

Dapperdon said:
Sorry to hear you didn't have a good time Frank I think you did the right thing and explained the session you had ...I did receive a great bbbj fronm this woman and there was a fair amount of kissing as well , don't know what to say but I agree that whatever it was it was probably on her end ...she mentioned to me about the manmades as well and I thought she was kinda hot the way she is ...
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