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Hey Guys:

I wander over to the Barrie section every once in a while and read the reviews as I find myself in the area once or twice a month.

I notice that there are an abundance of reviews but no links...? I guess I may be ignorant, but I don't have much knowledge of the Agencies or Indy's or where they tend to post (other than CL or their own sites).

Help out a fellow Pooner get his out of town freak on !! :p

Thank you my brothers!!
Re: Links!!

Guys I'm sorry for not putting links in my reviews. It is not because I don't want to share it is because I am too stupid to figure out how to post a link. Technoloser! Yes there are some times I get caught up in what I am writing that I do forget. Will try to do better. :oops:
Re: Links!!

Hey I too am a technoloser. I have tried a few times to post links, but guess what I finally figured it out. I just posted my first one on Amy. Now if can only remember how to do it again?????????
Re: Links!!

No problem guys...It's always helpful too to post a permanent search link; for example, do a search for the lady or her phone number in the search function of CL and when the results come up, post that link.
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