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IN-Call Lola @ Naughty Girls Toronto- Si Poppy


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Mar 6, 2010
Saw this college student in a small downtown hotel. Was not disappointed in the eye candy that greeted me. Very cute young hottie with an extremely nice figure. Shy school girl greeting, Lola's newness to the industry is clear but she sincerely wants you to like her. At times she seems a bit overwhelmed by the experience. She really warms up once the action starts. one of those beautiful girls who just doesn't believe that they are truly beautiful and desireable. But she is. FS was outstanding in Mish and CG. Finished with a prolonged BBBJCIM. Still can picture her on her knees in front of the mirror looking down at at her beautiful tits. Took her time, gave me her complete attention and is very open to direction. In fact she wants to be directed because she is still learning as she goes. Great girl. Will repeat.

Face 8-8.5
Body 8.5-9
Attitude 10

oagre said:
Thanks for the review. Sounds like we pretty much had the same take on her!

You both got stuck with the small bed. :cool:

Thanks sperman she is the only one of the 3 in Mark's agency I have not seen. Better hurry up before Freak-anal Gomes destroys her. :eek:
ahahooper said:
thanks sperminater, sounds like a real up and coming agency, with some superstars.....

Ive got to see this girl. Unfortuately for me, Lola wasnt on when I was in GTA recently and my appt with Hailey got cancelled. I hate all of you who live in GTA and can see these new hotties whenever you want. ...damn you!!!
Be nice to Lola guys. She really is like a school girl. She is figuring out how to do this job and tries her best. And damn it, give her a tip. She's putting herself through school and needs a Porsche.
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