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Dec 8, 2009
I had a minor lump removed on my back so had a few stitches , and doctor said no exercise for few days and to just make sure i change the gauze dressing daily, but it was a Friday and and a Goodfellas night where me and my guys always go for Therapy at roommates weekly.
I decided to send a pm to Sara about the situation i was in. .
and asked her what she thought. She assured me to see Luana as she would be gentle and take care of me if i wanted to visit tonight.. Hell yea!. That's all i needed to hear! FCK the doctor no exercise.. this is sexercise!
So me and 3 of my guys booked our sessions.
When i got to condo, Luana greeted me with a huge smile a quick kiss and hug and as we walked to the bedroom she off to the bedroom she asked my how i was feeling and was i in much pain . I guess Sara gave her the scoop about my surgery.
She was in high heels , sexy robe with nice bra and pantie set underneath. . She is just soooo sweet and sexy !! Always has a very mischief look and her eyes and a beautiful smile.
She handed me a special towel that Sara sent down which was re washed with no detergents or softeners so that there be no chance of aggravating wound when drying from shower.
This just blew me away..!
I went for quick shower and returned to this beautiful Luana waiting on the bed, My pain was gone a this point. i had a raging hard on bulging thru the towel, we began with some LFK, i removed her robe and slowly remove her top and sucked on her nipples, she has the most beautiful skin in softness and colour.
She pulled off my towel and started with little dirty talk .. she she got down and began with some amazing BBJ.. she has a special way of sucking it just hitting the right spot on the head of your cock. wasn't long before i was ready to blow, so i but her on bed and took off her underwear, wow... what a nice burger.! I ate her pussy till my tongue was numb, she put on cover and and hopped on for some great CG , wow she is very tight !!
she kept making sure i wasn't in any pain or discomfort.. which soo nice of her. She then switched to reverse cow girl and i couldn't resist.. i blew my load.
She cleaned me up and then looked to see if my back was okay.. we talked for a bit and after about ten minutes of chit chat she began to caress me, i asked her to put her pussy on my face and we went for 69 as i just love her pussy lips.. and so clean and tasty! , i blew my second load with her pussy in my mouth while she sucked my cock... was great.. a Volcanic eruption!!
She said she never met a guy who cums more on his second SOG than his first .. lol she just drives me nuts! She helped my get my shirt on and off i went. a big hug and kiss at the door as i left.
Luana is my ATF period!!
and Sara talk about taking care of her clients needs! Hell i got home and my wife didn't even ask how my back was! Go figure
Demien2k5 said:
Another great review dude! I have really been looking to meet Luana...wonder if she'd like me? :oops: I'm not "just your average bear" as Yogi would say....

Nice review opso, Demien dishing out mula like you do to see SP for hours will bet my white they will like you.
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