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I've been hesitating on writing this review for quite some time. I'd seen Lynda a long time ago, maybe 2 years or so, when I started going to this chain. At the time, I was blown away by her service, but after a second session, I decided not to repeat with her. She has lots of fans though, as evidenced by the comments and posts on other forums, but I'm not one of them. Ironically though, I've seen her several times in the lobby since my second and final session with her, and I find that despite the language barrier, I actually like her as a person. When she's not in the room, she's actually quite genuine and tries to communicate despite the lack of common cultural ground.

So, I will focus this review on just her physical attributes and service in the room. Physcially, Lynda is very pretty. Those who fancy Asian ladies will dig her look. Those, like me, who have seen way too many asians in his time will know how to look past the make up, and see a woman who is older than the average MPA, but knows how to layer the make up to make her naturally pretty face look younger. I think under that make though, lies a very pretty lady. Maybe she uses the make up to hide her identity? Who knows. When she sees me in the lobby in between sessions, she greets me with a genuine smile and hug. But, I remember a little too much acting in my sessions with her to be tempted into another.

The most ironical thing about her is that she actually gives a really nice firm massage. She has strength in those tiny little hands of hers. I think where she missed out is sensuality and maybe that's more a language barrier than any shortcoming on her end. I like a soft sensual session, and Lynda doesn't have a soft side in the room. Those who want a strong no nonsense session would love her, and I guess that's where she gets her fan base. Those who want a soft sensual session would do better to look elsewhere.
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